Carnival of Game Production – Second Edition

It’s time for the second edition of carnival of game production. This time we have several articles about game production: lessons learned during the project, design, insight and also a special treat…

Carnival Articles

Joonas Laakso made a great post titled Wannabe game producer’s confessions. Joonas describes the experiences of a hobbyist team and gives some good and practical tips on game production.

Jay Barnson gives the absolute and final answer to the question: Should I Become An Indie Game Developer?. Refreshing insight.

Paul Eres published a practical article Principles of Playtesting. All seven lessons are worth checking, and the sixth tip should be fundamental part of every game project.

Vedran Klanac wrote a detailed entry about How they made Fire Flower game. Vedran shares some lessons they learned about development. There’s a section “butterflies on flowers” in the article – that contains a lesson about small details in games that can make a big impact. Good job.

Jochen De Schepper ponders technical options: To Flash Or Not To Flash?. With Flex builder Flash has become more viable option to game developers.

Nicholas Savery talks about The Free MMO Business Model, an Alternative to Pay-to-Play. I believe MMO games developers people should ponder about the alternatives, but draw final conclusions by testing their pricing and income model. Nevertheless, the article is a good reminder that there are alternative business models than only direct purchases.

Joris Pyl is taking a course on Digital Arts & Entertainment and wrote about the first lesson: Psychology in Games. Article is about the reward/punishment element in games.

Gianfranco Berardi ponders how would it been If Old Games Were Made Today?. Fine thinking, and be sure to read also the comments if you want to know what Bubble Bobble would have been like…

Special treat

Then in the end we have a ‘special treat’ by Petri Purho: The Truth About Game Development. This is not an article, but a 6th done-in-a-week-game and I believe it fits fell in the Carnival. Excellent fun.

That concludes the second Carnival edition. Big thanks again for all of you who sent articles, if your article didn’t make it to the Carnival you can still try next time. Remember to check out the Carnival of Game Production Headquarters where you can find some more information regarding what kind of articles we are after.

The next Carnival edition will be hosted here at GameProducer.net 15th of March. Please, feel free to use the submission page to send your articles.

Thanks for your time.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Paolo: Yes, I believe I mentioned it in some post that I would delay the third edition for some time to give more time people to submit articles.

  2. I made it!! (Joris Pyl)

    Seriously though: All the articles are worth reading and give good information/insight. Congrats to all!

  3. w00t! Congrats on another good carnvial hosting job! You have a good collection of great articles in there.

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