Don’t Publish Blog Entries When You Are Really Angry

I’m about to break this rule, since Thunderbird (so it looks like) just decided to delete all my emails and email program settings – and Firefox helping add into mess by deleting all my bookmarks. I must admit that writing calmly at the moment is bit difficult, but I try to manage. The reason you shouldn’t write when you are pissed off is simple: it isn’t professional, and if it happens that you are wrong (barking the wrong tree) it might make you look foolish.

This morning I had my email program open (Thunderbird) when I experienced a power loss and computer was shut down instantly. I was bit in a rush, so I just decided to let it be. Now, after several hours I turned on computer and launched Thunderbird (no other programs, just Thunderbird) and I ended up staring “Email Wizard” and empty program. No data. No settings. Everything was gone.

With a help of my friend I managed to restore the bookmarks (which in the end wasn’t that big deal), and we’ll see what we can do about the emails. It was only few days before I decided to try making a switch from Thunderbird to Outlook. You bet I’m giving this another thought. I don’t think I will continue using a program that can delete all my emails when the system crashes…

I don’t know if it’s Microsoft’s fault or Mozilla’s fault (or my fault), but that really doesn’t matter. What matters is how the heck I’m going to find those emails again. I have backups, but they are few days old.

Lessons are: backup your emails, and and don’t write your blog when you are angry. I think I managed the second part quite well, it’s the first part I need to practise more.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Publish Blog Entries When You Are Really Angry

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  2. Juuso - Game Producer Post author

    @Rich: Yes… I tried that. But there’s a small problem: App Data\Mozilla\… shows only Firefox anymore – Thunderbird folder has vanished somewhere.

    Gmail has one problem: I’ve heard horror stories about people using poor password, and getting hacked… with firewalls & backups I think I’m safer here :)

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  4. Rich Buggy

    It’s been a while since I used Windows so this is from memory. 99.9% of the time when this occurs your email is still safe as it’s just the indexes that have been lost. All you need to do is remove the index files and Thunderbird will rebuild them for you.

    The first thing you need to do is locate your Thunderbird data directory. The path will be something like C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\…

    From memory the Application Data folder is a hidden folder so you need to tell Windows to show hidden folders or you won’t see it. Once you find the right folder delete the index files and restart Thunderbird. All should be well.

  5. Roman Buodzwski

    I sure that hurts. Opera did piss me off once – it forced me to download all emails from all my email accounts – 12k of them (after a crash, all emails were in, so I had to delete 12k double emails).

  6. Juuso - Game Producer Post author

    I don’t think it deleted your emails; it probably just whacked part of your profile. Your emails should be intact in the Thunderbird profile folder.

    Not quite sure where that is on Windows, though. Try the Application Support directory.

    > That’s what I thought as well, but nooo… profile is GONE. All gone. Vanished. Cleaned. Me really close to say “really pissed off” ;)

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  8. Duncan

    I used to keep everything on my USB Flash drive. At the end of November, the drive decided to wipe everything off of it. I lost over a month worth of e-mail, financial updates, and draft blog posts. I tried for 2 days to recover something, anything, useful from the twisted mess of the partition.

    In the end, I wound up rebuilding, and switching to systems that were easier to back up, or online (gmail FTW). When the drive stopped working altogether a month and a half later, I lost nothing.

    Oh… and the ravuya is probably right about the profile thing. You can recover most everything. I had Firefox do a similar thing. I used it as a chance to tweak my extensions, settings, and theme.

    And you should look into using Foxmarks to help backup (and synchronize) your Firefox bookmarks.

  9. Toraux

    In regards to lesson #1, expand that statement, backup everything regularly, if you can’t restore your system from scratch without minimal loss then your putting too much faith in your hardware and software.

  10. ravuya

    I don’t think it deleted your emails; it probably just whacked part of your profile. Your emails should be intact in the Thunderbird profile folder.

    Not quite sure where that is on Windows, though. Try the Application Support directory.


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