The Reason Why You Should Print Your Passwords on Paper…

Just before I was about to publish a blog entry about business I saw A sad tale of technology dependence. Eric had a small accident with fingerprints and passwords: basically he decided to start using better passwords, immediately forgot one, used fingerprint sensor (without remembering his own password) to login and it worked well. Until he experienced a sliced index finger in the woodshop… which messed up the fingerprint sensor.

Looks like my previous post about printing your passwords on paper starts to make sense.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. My favorite method is using a technique that I read ages ago where you simply create a phrase that you can remember, then take the fist letter off each word in the phrase and use that as your password. For example:

    This is a great start for your password.



    Throw in some numbers and your great. It’s not something anyone’s going to guess based on any personal information they may have on you, but you’re still left with a password that you can remember.

  2. lol @ garry.

    I personally prefer to wander around repeating them over and over “Paypal xyz123, online bank 5793abc, email omgomg0101” etc. Soon, I may print them on a T-shirt and the most secret ones on my underpants.

    Thanks for the story Juuso, it was funny.

  3. I prefer to have my passwords projected into the sky over my house.

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