Video Game Music Channel Wants Your Game Music

I chatted with the developers at stuffwelike.com and they mentioned about a multimedia player they’ve done for video game music. Basically players can freely listen to game music (and watch game videos) by using the player. Information on how to embed the player on your website can be found here.

Developers can freely submit content for the player (see here for more information on how to submit your game music or video). At the moment the system is just starting up so it will need some people to embed the system, but when more and more people start submitting their videos and embedding the player, the more publicity it will give for indies.

Folks at StuffWeLike didn’t yet have plans to monetize the system, and they are paying the bandwidth bill by themselves. The stuff looks interesting and if they get some ad funded system integrated (so that indies don’t need to pay now and not in the future) and possibly add some clickable links in the videos I think it looks another viable way to game promotion.

EDIT: The player was here one day, but now the media player (or their website) asked for a password, so I decided to remove the player.
EDIT #2: I found out that these guys really didn’t develop the media player, but used a technology provided by: splashcastmedia.com

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Just so everyone knows Wadjet Eye Games and United Minds Games have both agreed to have their music on the Video Game Music Channel. The Blacwell Legacy, The Shivah, and Space Renegades: The Series are currently available on the player.

  2. I thought the sound was a cool thing at first, but then when I got to actually visiting the site in that mode it annoyed me.

    I’ve fixed the links so that they close the player in the same window and also the large player opens in the same window.

    Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. @Kyle & others: sorry guys, I should have realised this. Do’h. Thanks David for eliminating the sound – and thanks all for fast feedback. (Another reason to enable blog comments – otherwise I wouldn’t know where I’d be without your help ;)

  4. I don’t feel like registering for the site tonight, but if your reading this for suggestions…. the close player button should load back into the same window, fireing up another browser window is kind of annoying…

  5. Definitely something I wouldn’t expect without some sort of warning or control. :P

  6. So I won’t be coming back to GameProducer.net for a bit while I wait for this to drop off of the main page. Websites + sound = bad bad bad.

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