MMO 2.0

Few days ago I wrote about the future of MMO games, and spoke about the need of innovation. Today I saw GameIndustry.biz reporting Perry to produce community built MMO. EDIT: Today I remembered that David Perry was the president of Shiny Entertainment and not the producer of Myst III: Exile as I first said in this post. Myst was produced by Dan Irish. Perry wrote a foreword for book The Game Producer’s handbook by Dan Irish, and my memory played a trick on me.)

Anyway, the key idea in that news is that Acclaim is offering community of developers – not just their “core team” – to contribute to the project. I don’t know if this project will be successful or not, but to me it sounds exactly something that could bring fresh new ideas to the whole massively multiplayer genre. With the increasing number of Web 2.0 applications and user generated content, it sounds like “MMO 2.0” could mean “player/community made MMO gaming”.

Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim, commented this project named “Top Secret”:

“Top Secret is like The Apprentice meets American Idol meets The Video Game Industry”

I don’t know how far they will go by letting the community create the game, but at least for producers wanting to get in the game industry this looks like a nice opportunity. And hopefully the project will evolve to something else than a MMO game where players start by killing lots of rats.

If you are interested in help them in design/ideas/art/animation/audio or other, feel free to check out Top Secret Project website.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. only one guy will get into team ??? all others get only credits ???
    well i think programers / producers that know the bussines will not
    waste their time there … and i really dont understand why Acclaim is
    not satisfied with usual forum / suggestions way of gathering new ideas ???

  2. @Nabeel: It’s true that I could have come up with a better title (MMO 2.0 was my term, not theirs) – but you never know if this promotional/Idols kind of “trick” actually produces something better. As they talk about “community building the game” it gives – at least for me – the impression that there would be something more than just “write something in the games”. I suppose this depends how far they are willing to go with the system.

    Oh, and off-topic – I messed up with names. Dperry was not the producer of Myst, Dan Irish was. (I read Dan Irish’s book where Perry made some forewords and my memory played a small trick on me…) – edited the post now.

  3. While I admire what David and Howard are doing from a promotional perspective, I would say calling it MMO 2.0 is stretching WAY into hyperbole.

    Acclaim is simply running one contest to generate an idea (and more importantly, press) for an MMO. This is no different than the write-in contests that have been going on for decades, and hardly represents the kind of systematic user-generated content of blogging or social networks.

    If everyone on the art team, production team, and design team were all user contributed — THAT would be MMO 2.0 (hell, i’d give it 2.5 if they could actually make a playable game that way).

  4. I would have to say that requiring a particular browser, or requiring multimedia support to view a website is also a bad move. I don’t particularly feel like rebooting in windows or installing plugins just to view a website, the least these people can do is provide a text only alternative.

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