Wu Hing: The Five Elements Update

Wu Hing is a strategy board game that just got updated. When Kudos Games first released the game there were some issues with it: the rules of the game were bit difficult to understand. Some indies might think that game must be a hit when it’s released, or it will be a miss. I think indie games must be polished over and over to be successful. Guys at Kudos Games have realised and are doing exactly this.

First of all: the rules of the game in the first version were very difficult to understand, even when there were a tutorial that explains them. Now the developers have improved the game and put some tips. Even though the tutorial is still heavy reading, the overall experience is now better. Developers reported that they’ve made “minor updates such as added tips”. I don’t exactly know all the minor updates, but I personally think those small updates have really added the gameplay – thus making the game better in a big way.

One major update is the network mode: those who have full version can now play the game online. I think this is a very good example on how the games should be developed: when players really demand some feature, developers put effort to make that happen.

For more screenshots, information and a downloadable demo of game, see their website: KudosGames.com

Juuso Hietalahti

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