Spend Time on Different Discussion Forums

Marketers don’t necessarily know what people want. Game developers don’t necessarily know what players want.

If you spend time on discussion forums, I’d suggest to spend your time on different forums. If you spend time only on programming forums, that’s probably what you will learn and means that you might miss opportunities. Some people spend time only on marketing forums and might end up being SEO marketers. Many programmers I know spend their time on IndieGamer.com or GameDev.net – but probably not in many other forums. While both of these sites provide good information, there’s no reason not to find other forums – even outside your expertise. The problem in sticking in just only on one forum (or one type of forum) is that it might limit your vision.

When you spend time on different discussion forums you start getting more perspective on what people need. Instead of being only at GameDev, one might start spending time on online marketing forums such as DigitalPoint. That way you will get fresh new ideas as you combine the best information from different resources. Internet marketers could spend time on sites where their real customers are. Game developers could also spend time on forums where players are – like at GameSpot.com – to find out what players are talking about and what they think about games.

Different forums will give you more perspective and fresh new ideas.

If you don’t know where to start looking for discussion forums, check out Big-boards.com. It’s a site that lists the largest message boards on the web.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Tuna: that’s how it easily goes… I have spent majority of my time in indiegamer but recently have expanded my circle: for example, digitalpoint gives a great perspective. while there’s quite much noise, these people are focused on internet marketing and the forums contain so much valuable information that it’s good idea to spend some time there. that helps me to get perspective on gaming business. forums like gamespot etc. are good especially when you are doing a market research (finding out new what people would want) and also they might help you promote your game (but it must be done carefully… since most forums don’t like advertising your games on them)

  2. Good call, I spend most of my time on GameDev, lol. I checked out GameSpot and it seems pretty kickass. I’ve never really read stuff about games online, always played whatever my friend were playing, seems like a good place for reviews, forums, and downloads. *adds to links toolbar*

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