Game Developers Conference 2007

GDC 2007 is held in this week (March 5-9), and since I’m not attending this year (“maybe next year as I keep saying”) it would be nice to hear news from people in there. Let our readers know if you are attending (feel free to comment this blog entry for that purpose if you want) and if you happen to make notes, feel free to share them too: throw a link to your own blog or tell here about your experiences here.

For those unaware about GDC I really recommend checking out the GDConf.com and reading what the event is all about. Basically it’s a (you might even say “the”) gaming industry event where game developers all around the world meet. Industry professionals are featured, and game developers get a good chance to network. GDC Highlights gives you a better picture what’s going on there.

P.S. Looking at the GDC pass prices I get the feeling that indies are really interested in the event. “Independent games summit expo pass” and “Independent Games Summit Classic Pass ” were the only passes that has been sold out at the time of writing…

Juuso Hietalahti

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