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Put Big Fish Games to work for you

The world’s leading casual game portal Big Fish Games has launched a new affiliate program called the Principal Network Partner (or PNP) that can help you generate revenue. The system has been featured in major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Business Wire, and basically let’s set up your website or “MyGameSpace” with reviews of games that you can share with friends. Whenever people purchase games through your system, you get your share. Here you can find detailed information and sign-up for the system.

There are some benefits that make this deal bit more interesting than you can usually expect to see from “typical affiliate programs”.

You benefit from the customer’s lifetime value

This is the thing that makes the whole system fundamentally different from any affiliate system I’ve seen. Since you benefit from the customer’s lifetime value (not just one purchase), but you’ll also benefit from any customer’s referrals. And their referrals and on an on. There should be up to 8-tiers (or levels) in this referral system.

Typically affiliate programs only help you once – if the customer you sent to buy something buys something in the future, normally you don’t benefit from the second or third sale. With Big Fish Games system it’s different: you benefit from every sale made by a referred customer.

For example, if you send somebody to purchase a game, and after a month he purchases another game (or 3rd game) – you earn bucks every time. The following image shows the benefit in graphical format.

How does the system work?

There are numerous ways to use the system. You can set up a “My Game Space” (my own example game space is here) where you can list games, change titles, review games and do other things like that. All works without you need to host (but you can if you want) your own system – you simply refer people to visit your game space and when people buy something (or refer friends who buy something), you earn money. You can also set up RSS feeds, iFrames and even build and customize full sites dedicated to the program. The system is extremely flexible.

Another good way – at least I think so – would be to make an offer for your existing customers. At the moment there is an offer: “2 free games just for signing up for the system”. This means you could send your newsletter subscribers an email telling them about your game space and letting them know how to get 2 free games. They let you use banners – like the one below – that you could show in your website or blog posts. Please note that this offer is (at the time of writing) is only good for PC versions of the five eligible games. They cannot be used for MAC versions.


How much money does it generate?

Well, I personally cannot tell if the system is good or not – since this is my first proper post where I promote the system and my few contacts have made just few dollars. The top earner has made $49.386.34 in the last months, and there’s several other in the range of $1,000 to $10,000 in the top 10 earners. I will report in the future more about my experiments on the system. I think the good thing is the affiliate structure – especially for those who get in the system early. Since Big Fish Games is selling games worth millions yearly, this affiliate system could generate true passive income in a long run if executed well. Even after a year – if you decide to stop using the system – your referred customers and their friends would bring you income. Naturally you would need to build your network fast in the beginning to make most of it.

Notice, you don’t make money when people join the system. People need to purchase (or refer friends that purchase) for you to generate income. Good news are that the more you expand your network, the more you and your referrals start generating income for you.

How to get started?

If you have made games (especially casual games) in the past, then introducing MyGameSpace to your existing customers is one way to leverage sales. I don’t think this system is beneficial for everybody, but for those who already have existing players (or are targeting to players) then getting started might be a good option. After you’ve signed up I recommend customizing your own game space and contacting your customers with the “free 2 games offer”. You can also send newsletters to your customers, set up banners, sites and make blog posts about the system to build your network.

I will report in the future how the system has started to work for me. This was the first post about the system and I will add some additional material to promote system in the nearly future.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. So is it profitable or not?

    Please your reply.


  2. Marylou. There would be a two steps you need to take:

    1) Stop writing all caps :)
    2) Ask somebody who charges you – I’m not part of their customer service. Ask from bigfishgames.com support.



  4. @Jake: Yep. And also lots of affiliate programs. This being said, I really cannot say yet whether this BFG partner network is good or not – we’ll see how it evolves. Initial impression is that is has potential compared to other gaming affiliate programs, but we’ll see.

  5. ah yes, of course people don’t need to exchange money to get into it. Good point. Mind you there’s plenty of IM pyramid schemes out there.

  6. @Jake: well… it’s not – since “involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme”. This system is free, so it’s technically an affiliate system like reflexive’s or by plimus or others. The main difference would be the life-time value and 8-tiers, which other game affiliate programs don’t have (yet).

  7. hey it occurred to me a while ago that this (and lots of IM stuff) are just pyramid schemes really.

  8. Yeah I’ll test it for sure. Anyway I just signed up but crazily there is already someone on it cal JakeBirkett and also GreyAlien so I had to use GreyAlienGames, but that’s OK.

  9. @Jake: Fair enough. I noticed that greyaliengames.com has already many games on the website. I presume those come from Reflexive (by the looks of it). I suppose you could quite easily put some iFrame and test the system for month or so how it compares to your current one (or even make some simultaneous A/B test). After a month you could see whether to continue with the system or stick with the old one. BFG didn’t seem to take that much time to get it working…

    …but I again must say that I really don’t know if the system will be good enough or not – since I’ve only thrown couple of links and earned only few bucks so far.

  10. Well, I thought I would try at least 1-2 months the system (like do little promotion, use their banners and stuff like that) and give it a go. Then, if it looks worth the trouble I either continue with it, or stop promoting it. I don’t plan to spend many hours in testing how it’ll go.

  11. sigh, signing up to mybigfishgames has been on my to do list for about 3 months now. I gotta sort it out! Losing money the longer I delay, but so much else is going on…

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