Unbelievable In-game Art

Looks, like one of my predictions is coming true: Heavenly Sword in-game art looks so beautiful, that people have trouble finding words to describe it – as you can see on that Ninja Theory Forums.

The above picture is not modified high-resolution image for promotional use. It’s actually an in-game shot with resize, lighting and depth of field then applied to the scene so that it can be used as a desktop wallpaper. See Kotaku and Ninja Theory Forums for the original story.

I remember when I saw player face textures in NHL ’97 and thought “this is unbelievable”. Well, I guess I have to find another meaning for word “unbelievable”. Because this Heavenly Sword image is unbelievable.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Knau: Oh yes… Although there was some discussion at GameSpot forums

    “”The DOF in-game is good but not THAT good. Better specular on the eyes
    is something we are working on and other techy bits to help improve the
    lighting response on the blend-shapes. If these come together, then the layman should not be able to
    distinguish that screenshot from the final result. Fingers crossed!!!”

    So, the game is still a work in progress, but they’ve made tremendous advancements. And the improvement of the quality of real-time cinematics means a corresponding improvement in in-game graphics. However, [b]do not expect in-game graphics to completely match the real-time cutscenes. However, as Tameem said, if he pulls out all the tricks, hopefully we won’t be able to tell too much of a difference.[/b]”

    We’ll see how it goes ;)

  2. This is not “in-game”, this is from a cut scene. The screenshots of the actual gameplay although impressive in their own right are not nearly as drool-worthy. And if this is just another hack n slash where the world is populated with enemies that have AI that would embarrass the ghosts from Pac Man then the whole visual feast is for nothing because the game will still suck (Dynasty Warriors anyone?).

    I’m also still waiting on a game developer to get world lighting right. I just looked out the window and surfaces in the real world don’t glow and shimmer.

    I’m hoping it’s a cool game, but I’m not going to fall over my tongue until I see how the gameplay really turns out.

  3. > I know Xbox has always had pretty good graphics…

    You can have the same picture on a PC game. Xbox360, PS3 or High end PC ‘s can deliver the same picture quality. They are all powered by NVidia or ATI…

    Anyway, I bet you it even looks better when it is animated.


  4. I know Xbox has always had pretty good graphics, but I’ve never been as awe-striken as I’ve been with games on the Sony consoles.

  5. wow i remember when i played an nba game some years ago i had the same thought as you. and now we see something like this. i may sound old but i dont really know if its good that this technology finds their way into shooter games some day…

  6. Wow – I’d love to see a Final Fantasy game on a PS3 if graphics are that good. I feel that graphics don’t make a game fun – game play does, but good game play _plus_ amazing graphics equals an amazingly fun game!

  7. Ten years from now you’ll still use word unbelievable – world changes and so does the meaning of words, though some words have fuzzy meaning it’s hard to define what is unbelievable and what is not :D

  8. I thinks she looks a little too much like that chick from HL2… Alyx or something…

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