You Need to Water the Plants to Make Them Grow

The most common problems or questions I see and hear people making about sales or marketing are something like these: How to get more sales? or How to get more traffic to my website?. For some people these are valid questions when they go explaining what they have done, what’s their situation is and what products they have. Others are focusing on the problem, and only on that.

Asking these questions might be bit useless if you only focus on the “get” part. It’s bit like waiting plants to grow without giving them water, and then asking “why my plants are not growing?” Well, plants won’t grow without water. Similarly, your business is not going to grow if you are not giving something first.

That’s the key: you first need to water the plants, then they’ll start growing. Not the other way around. If you want sales or traffic, you need to have something to offer. If you need to get some tips on how to promote your business, check out practical marketing tips. There’s currently about 70 entries that might help you getting those sales and traffic to your website.

Start watering those plants. Sooner or later they start to grow.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “small charges for the ‘special water'” – what a great image for that idea!

  2. I would suggest that giving your plants away from free and making small charges for the “special water” that enables the plant to mature into a fully fledged tree – Unless your customer base has a bent towards Bonsai.

  3. “If you want sales or traffic, you need to have something to offer.”

    Couldn’t agree more. One thing you need to have a successful product is a strategy. You can’t just make your product, release it and hope that buying more and more ads will increase your sales. You need methods for creating a user base, and keeping them interested. Having enhancements, specials, and future release ready before they’re needed can help you create a series of product releases to keep people interested and make your product evolve.

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