GDC 2007 Event Coverage

GDC 2007 is over for this year. First place to proceed to is GamaSutra’s own GDC 2007 Live Coverage that lists stories and news about what happened at GDC. There are good notes like Future of Indie Games and others, so browse the list and check if there’s something interesting for you there.

GDC has also been noted in the blogosphere. Various developers, producers, journalists and gamers have mentioned GDC in their blog posts. Here’s some of them: GDC: MMOs, past, present and future – great insight regarding the future of massively multiplayer online games. Raph Koster covered GDC 07: Game Studies Download – definitely worth checking to design better games. GDC: Miyamoto’s keynote – Nintendo talk. Why the GDC sucks – a different take on GDC by Psychochild. While I don’t think GDC is automatically not worth it, I think there’s good thinking in this post. Then there was GDC coverage at Mercurynews that you might find worth checking.

Feel free to throw links to your own blogs (or other people’s blogs) if you have some good ones to share.

Juuso Hietalahti