Games For Health – $30,000 Contest

The Games for Health Competition is a nationwide (US only) contest to promote the production of computer and video games that improve people’s health. Prizes will be awarded to entrants who develop game concepts or prototypes aimed at improving aspects of health and health care. The deadline for entry is April 1, 2007, with winners to be announced in June. Details on contest categories and rules may be found on the Games for Health Competition Web.

Entrants in the storyboard/treatment competition will submit a game concept that addresses a health issue or identifies a specific problem faced by an organization in the health care arena (such as training staff to counsel family members or raising awareness about bone marrow donations) and offers strategies for addressing the problem. A $5,000 prize is available to each of the winners in the student and organization storyboard categories.

Participants in the prototype competition must develop a working prototype of a health-related game in a playable form. The games may be about any health or health care topic and can help with training, health education, disease management, prevention or building general awareness and understanding. The winner in this category will receive $20,000.

Remember to read the rules if you consider applying to the contest. Good luck!

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Awesome idea, and it’s great to see trying to use games to educate/teach the player that there’s more to life than arguing over a blue drop and matching 3 colors.

    I’m disappointed that it’s only open to US citizens though. Oh well.

    Good luck to all entrants!

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