Movaya Launches Mobile Game Distribution Web Service


Movaya, a mobile content distribution and services company, announced today the beta launch of Movaya PlugNPlayâ„¢, a mobile video game distribution service that allows any website, ecommerce site or blog to sell mobile games.

“Up until today, one of the biggest barriers holding back the sales of mobile games has been the relative lack of effective distribution channels,” says Scott Meyer, Senior VP, Americas, PlayerX. “Movaya PlugNPlay now makes it easy for anyone to sell mobile games, from major ecommerce sites all the way down to MySpace pages and blogs. That capability will put our products in front of more eyeballs than we can imagine.”

PlugNPlay is a web service that allows any website to set up a turn-key mobile game store in a matter of minutes. The service is an integrated solution that supports all aspects of ecommerce transactions for mobile game sales and distribution. PlugNPlay instantly provides relationships with mobile game publishers and cellular carriers so that anyone can seamlessly sell mobile games from any retail storefront, web site or blog. The new service also handles payment processing, customer care and reporting. Similar to an affiliate program, the website owner only needs to provide the store links; PlugNPlayâ„¢ does the rest.

Sounds pretty darn interesting opportunity for game studios in mobile/casual gaming business. For more information about the PlugNPlay, check out their website.

Juuso Hietalahti