And Then There Was… a House

It’s been a while since I’ve told about Edoiki progress, so here’s a new picture of a house for the Edoiki game. I’ve mentioned it several times to our artist, but I can’t but say that the house looks absolutely great in my eyes. I always thought only AAA games projects would have artists that can do stuff like this… and now I’m fortunate to see these talents in our team.

There have been some changes and major things going on (like team structure, milestone scheduling, etc.) which I have not mentioned yet – mainly because I want to wait to make sure I don’t announce things that won’t happen (hint: that last sentence contains a very valuable lesson). In the future I will tell more about our team, and our team members – so that those who contribute to the project actually get the credits they deserve.

Anyway, we are going to publish a public tech demo soon (“soon” here meaning some date between “time right now” and “hopefully before the next ice age”). There’s no official Edoiki newsletter yet, but those who want to get informed when the public tech demo is available (and when we start to offer beta tests) – feel free to subscribe to GameProducer.net newsletter. I will send GP related information (like interviews, sales stats) also in that newsletter, but eventually the tech demo will be announced there as well. The GP RSS feed is also available for those who prefer waiting for the announcement in that way.

In summary: Edoiki is progressing steadily, and we have a good drive going on.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Very nice. The roof beams, the wear-and-tear on the outer walls, and the doorstep all give it that extra bit of realism that you don’t see very much from indie designers.

    Are the shadows baked into the textures, or is this real-time?

  2. The house looks excellent, though now I’m very curious what the inside is going to look like also. All of the colors on it look faded out though, I’m not sure if this is the program, a lack of rendered lighting at this point, or if the model is actually that subdued.

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