Targeted Traffic – Banana Farm For Monkeys

Anyone who has heard marketing talk must have heard about “targeted traffic”. This article will explain in a very practical manner what targeted traffic is.

I believe it’s easier to describe by using concrete examples. Let’s suppose you own a banana farm selling bananas. All the buffalos, lions and chickens who run through your farm are part of the traffic. But they do not belong to your target traffic, since they won’t be bringing any benefits for you – most likely those buffalos will only ruin your land. This traffic is not targeted. Chickens, lions or buffalos will never buy your bananas.

Now, then the pack of monkeys arrive. That’s targeted traffic. These monkeys can actually buy bananas from you. They are interested in your product – these monkeys are the ones who should come to your banana farm. This is probably the most important to know when you advertise your product. It does little good to advertise your bananas to lions or chickens. Sure, there might be some lion that would mention the ad to monkeys – but that’s not quite likely. It’s much better option to advertise your bananas to those monkeys. It’s much better to advertise to 10 monkeys who might buy bananas from you, rather than advertise to 1000 buffalos who will never eat your bananas.

Non-targeted traffic focuses on quantity. Targeted traffic focuses on quality. Non-targeted traffic means lost money on ads. Targeted traffic means sales.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. There are very talented indie developers out there, the hardest thing is to find them and form a team. Very nice model. :)

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