GameProducer.net March-April Contest: Convince Me To Buy Your Video Game

Okay game developers, now it’s the time for a new contest where you need to convince me to buy your video game. Contest will end at the last day of April (or when I run out of money). You can use any measures you see appropriate: feel free to beg or ask nicely. Show demos or screenshots. Scream if you wish.

If you haven’t finished a game yet, feel free to try getting me to pre-order the game. I’m in such a mood that it just might work.

I promise to buy game or games from those who manage to convince me, and will mention those games after the contest ends. Naturally this is a good opportunity for anybody to promote their game, and you can mention as many games as you wish.

Then to make sure everybody understands: I’m not going to automatically buy every recommended game (although some of our readers might also be interested, so there’s no reason not to suggest a game). I probably end up buying couple of games. It depends how fun comments I see ;)

The contest starts now, so leave a convincing comment on this blog entry.

P.S. I own a pretty new PC / Windows XP, so I’d appreciate if your game would actually work on my computer… Also, please use full URLs when creating links (and make sure you have spaces, or the system won’t recognize your URL links)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. (Is this competition limited to games only? *wink*)

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  2. Instead of telling you why you should buy my game, I’ll give you 10 reasons not to buy Magic Pearls:
    -You like programmer art
    -You aren’t smart enough to solve puzzle games
    -You only buy expensive games
    -You want to pay for updates
    -You think 500 levels won’t keep you busy long enough
    -You think games under 20MB aren’t worth downloading
    -You only play 3D games
    -You hate sokoban and other japanese games
    -You think think a game with the word “Magic” in it’s name, must be a kids game.
    -ok… i admit, i could only come up with 9 reasons not to buy.

    If after this you still want to try or even buy this game, you can go to
    http://www.firstrategames.com/gameinfo.aspx?id=1 and download the demo.

  3. The latest brain research has shown that the best way to preserve your cognitive ability is to use it . Now there is a ultra challenging sokoban like puzzle game that helps you to do that . It’s the prodigious escape gold – the ultimate puzzle game that sold over 1 million minus 999997 copies in 1 year and now a freeware due to its amazing result ..


    Play prodigious escapee now and become smarter than Einstein and Bill gates .

    Any small tips or changes would be appreciated at my paypal acc : support@funpcgame.com

    Million of thanks for the offer

  4. Can I enter twice?
    BUY KUDOS! ( http://www.kudosgame.com ) it’s like a fun ‘second-life’ styl;e ‘sims’ sort-of game, but turn based, which runs on any old PC, and is far mroe strategic and satisfying than the sims!
    BUY DEMOCRACY! ( http://www.democracygame.com ) it’s a game where you run an ENTIRE COUNTRY, dealing with all those pesky special interest groups that make up the great unwashed electorate. It’s fun! you get to legalsie drugs and lower taxes (till you get kicked out of office by right wingers and/or communists.)

  5. You should totally buy my game, Sky Puppy! It’s grossly misunderstood, a cute-looking game that only uses one button, so it sounds really simple but it’s actually quite difficult and complex. People have a hard time figuring it out, it seems, like they expect the game to just play itself or something, or to correct their mistakes for them, or something! Nobody wants to play a game they are not good at right away anymore! But if you can–see, therin lies the challenge and the HOOK–you will have risen above those people who didn’t understand! You will be better than them, and totally hardcore!

    Plus, it’s about a flying dog!

  6. While it is in the Breakout genre, I could still try and sell you on it based on the ship physics not seen in others, the cool “behind the ship” camera view or even the cinematic elements. But I don’t need to. Because Shlongg is the greatest name for a video game ever conceived.

  7. Here’s my entry Imitation Pickles’ GalCon

    GalCon is a lot of fun. It is a hybrid arcade-strategy game. It has an active online community to kick around when you get stumped playing against the computer. It has neat graphics of swarms of ships zooming across the universe and smashing into enemy planets. The action is fast and intense. Games take only a few minutes, but it is so much fun you’ll find yourself playing game after game after game.

    Another cool thing about GalCon is its birth place: Ludum Dare 48h Game Programming Competition First Place Winner for Fun, Sound and Graphics, not to mention the second place for innovation. It also got a Silver Award from Game Tunnel in January!

    Try it out; you’ll love it! https://www.plimus.com/jsp/redirect.jsp?contractId=1675503&referrer=mrphilgames

    Caveat: I did not create this game, I am just a sales affiliate, but I did get Phil Hassey blessing before making this post.

  8. is “addicting” ever used in the US? Because in the UK it’s a totally invalid word, we’d say “addictive” instead but I see “addicting” a lot, weird.

  9. You can’t go wrong buying Runes of Avalon, unless you hate:
    – addicting game play
    – variety of levels and gameplay modes
    – awesome graphics
    – beautiful mystic music and sound effects
    – wonderful particle effects
    – the best storyline in casual game

    Do you have what it takes to hate Runes of Avalon? NO!

    You can’t be that weird – you’ll love it. Buy it now! and get free level editor with extra levels.

    Go to http://www.RunesOfAvalon.com and find out more about Runes of Avalon or download it now from:


    That’s only 25MB for an epic puzzle game.

  10. No-one has ever bought my game. You can be the first! ( http://www.looseleafgames.com )

    Then in a year’s time, when I’ve sold many copies and I give you my sales stats to post here, there’ll be one sale in March 2007. You’ll be able to say it was you. How great would that be?

  11. I keep meaning to enter this, but I can’t think of anything. Which is odd given that I’ve been whoring Gibbage pretty much everywhere for 12 months solid. Maybe I’ve finally got fatigue…

    Um… Buy Gibbage! It’s how multiplayer games are supposed to be. It’s sociable. It’s funny. It has an amazing soundtrack and it has bouncing heads in it. And zombies.

    Is that enough? That should be enough.

  12. yeah I think it’s a great idea. A win for the developers and a win for you due to a huge Digg rating.

  13. @Err: I’m not sure what you mean by “why”. I believe people can either pick lessons or not. I didn’t think this as a marketing lesson (as I pointed out the the aspect of fun in the previous post…) but Jake Birkett few comments ago mentioned that there could be marketing lessons here – even when the contest is “purely for fun”. Jake mentioned and some people tried to sell “focused on price”, some mentioned discounts (and telling they are available only for a few days) – everybody can pick these ideas and use them on their own system. Some people mentioned testimonials – perhaps you can use them as well. Anyway, the main idea is to get smile on people’s face, and perhaps get some publicity for those games as well, not “marketing lessons”.

    Not to forget me getting something nice to play :)

    > “Its sad to see developers begging for attention over something this degrading.”
    Well, I personally think it’s fun to lighten up sometimes. This one blog entry has been really funny to read for me and I suppose also for other people since they’ve digged the article. I smiled to many entries here, and I think it’s fun to see that people are throwing fun comments in the blog entry – I want to see more of those. Besides – many of the games mentioned in this post are good, so those who play games might actually check them out and start playing them. Yesterday there was 1029 unique visits in GP blog, and if people digg this article, you might see even more people reading this one post. Since the contest ends in April there’s chances that some hundreds or thousands of people read the blog entry and at least some of the comments. That means there’s potential for getting people to download games. While the focus is having fun, it doesn’t mean these developers wouldn’t also receive some customers. Besides, commenting the blog might take like a 30 secs – and if it gives them free publicity (potential traffic & sales) I see no reason why one should mention his game.

  14. Why would convincing one guy to buy your game by posting comments on his blog be a marketing lesson?

    Its sad to see developers begging for attention over something this degrading.

  15. @Jake: Actually, the real reason was revealed at the 2 bears blog entry… I commented there :)

    Honestly, I actually didn’t think this to be a marketing lesson you described, but, now as I you mentioned…

  16. Juuso: That was the only *logical* conclusion – outside help.

    Hey hasn’t it occured to anyone yet that this is just Juuso gathering material for a “Fools, you know nothing about marketing” series of posts? ;-) So far we’ve had people selling on price, threats, and uh just trying other things (some better than others) that I haven’t been able to categorise yet…

  17. Buy Sheeplings! Assume the role of Windsor the sheepdog as you encounter logic puzzles, stubborn sheep that need to be moved, hidden powerups, hungry eagles, bothersome bandits, and much much more in this non-linear action adventure.

    If you buy Sheeplings you will not only receive an amusing and original game, I will also supply a lifetime supply of beer and/or vodka!*

    Actually, you can’t buy Sheeplings just yet, but it will be available soon.

    * A complete and utter lie.

  18. Lots of casual games.

    If you want an experimental indie game that lets your new PC flex its muscles, you gotta give Play With Fire a try. You control a fireball in a surreal dreamscape, igniting leaves and wood and coal and metal (and plastic) and getting hotter as you go, which lets you jump higher and burn more stuff. Three paths, Fun, Puzzle and Challenge, allow you to tailor your experience as you will. Wany a destrictable playground? A precisely flammable riddle? A race through a course you destroy as you progress? There’s something in it for everyone, but most importantly, there’s something in it for people who want to see new kinds of games.

  19. After all the hype and hypertension from playing smups, urps, zurps, and other ‘lean forward’ games:

    1. Have a nice read, with The Witch’s Yarn.
    2. Chuckle along with the first, interactive sit-com.
    3. Delight at the quality illustrations, the real instrument jazz music, and the outlandish characters.
    4. In-game purchase system keeps the game flowing (after the ‘please purchase’ message).
    5. First two chapters are free. :-)

    The Witch’s Yarn

  20. actually you know, I looked at the post by Addictive247 before making mine because I wondered if the brackets would be a problem but saw his link was fine…weird.

  21. It’s quite simple. Play the Loonyland 2 demo.

    Then you’ll buy it, and I win. No further argument need be made. This is under the assumption that you’re not a complete pantywaist pukemonger.

  22. Cute Knight Deluxe will be coming out next month. It’s the same basic game as our popular RPG / simulation Cute Knight but with even more content, secret items, ending variations, and of course shiny new artwork. That shiny new artwork isn’t on display publically on my site, so you’re getting a special peek by reading here!

    Want to grow up to be a princess, a warrior, a wizard, or a daring queen of thieves?

    The Deluxe version will be made available FIRST to people who’ve already bought the original, so if you want it fast, get in now!

  23. “@Andy: I see… so it’s YOU who has been spamming me all this morning ;)”

    Juuso-Juuso… This was just a little demo of our game with you… ;)

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  25. I could recommend my game Bound Around.
    But i don’t, it’s not for everyone: Lame graphics, crazy hard levels, …
    If you want a really good game buy DROD – KDD
    Best thru this link then i will get affiliate commission.

  26. If you have a wife/girl friend, kids or simply want to enter a land of magic and fantasy with atmospheric graphics and music, make sure you take a look at my latest casual game “Feyruna – Fairy Forest”.

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  27. Now it’s the perfect time for a spooky halloween platformer! Uh what?
    Dodge ‘n stomp on the silly-scary monsters that are out to keep you from your candies! If you don’t feel to it, call your little sister and choose the 2 players mode.

    BinayJoy says that “At first glance it appears to be a cutesy platform game about collecting sweets, but actually it’s quite a tactical game about killing monsters and making carefully timed jumps.”

    Retro 247 Games says that “Bonbon Quest is a solid, no-nonsense piece of platforming “collect ‘em up”, offering a generally slow-paced blend of thought and action.”

    So what are you waiting for? Buy-without-you-try Bonbon Quest right now! If you dare.

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