GameProducer.net March-April Contest: Convince Me To Buy Your Video Game

Okay game developers, now it’s the time for a new contest where you need to convince me to buy your video game. Contest will end at the last day of April (or when I run out of money). You can use any measures you see appropriate: feel free to beg or ask nicely. Show demos or screenshots. Scream if you wish.

If you haven’t finished a game yet, feel free to try getting me to pre-order the game. I’m in such a mood that it just might work.

I promise to buy game or games from those who manage to convince me, and will mention those games after the contest ends. Naturally this is a good opportunity for anybody to promote their game, and you can mention as many games as you wish.

Then to make sure everybody understands: I’m not going to automatically buy every recommended game (although some of our readers might also be interested, so there’s no reason not to suggest a game). I probably end up buying couple of games. It depends how fun comments I see ;)

The contest starts now, so leave a convincing comment on this blog entry.

P.S. I own a pretty new PC / Windows XP, so I’d appreciate if your game would actually work on my computer… Also, please use full URLs when creating links (and make sure you have spaces, or the system won’t recognize your URL links)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I have web based MMORPG with client on Flash. Maybe you will buy it or give me advise where I can find publisher or investor for it ?
    If you need more information or screenshots ask

    We try to create very interesting game with innovations.

    Information about game here http://3steamrd.kiev.ua/3sider.php?en

  2. Hi Juuso,

    If you’re into casual puzzle games, please give Boxed In a try. It’s one of those games that might not sound the best because it’s a “matching” game…but it’s not like match 3 or anything of that sort at all. The levels get progressively harder and if you’re in for a challenge, this game is for you. You can pick up where you left off so you don’t have to have very lengthy, intense sessions to play the game. You HAVE to try it to believe how addicting it can become! =)

    It comes with 100 levels and includes a level editor! Plus it comes with a Spanish translation…and very soon will come with a French one too.

    The demo is limited to 40 minutes and you can download a copy here.
    (Sorry for the slowish download but I’m currently looking for a new host.)

    Also, you can navigate the current website by following pointing to http://www.playboxed.com.

    Thanks for giving us (your readers) this opportunity!

  3. Please buy my game, Battle Racer 3D, It`s not QUITE done yet, so please pre-order!!

    Thanks, Gage

  4. Just in case you want to see more of Feyruna before buying, here you can find the brand new animated Fantasy Screensaver which shows the fairy on her flight across 2 large areas. These landscapes are not accessible in the demo version and you can also look at some of the enemies you’ll encounter in higher levels. You can enable atmospheric music and sound fx if you wish. The Feyruna screensaver is freeware, although it’s quality should allow to charge some money :)

  5. You should buy one of my games, specifically Bulldozer, Duck Tilesr, or The Puzzle Pack. And you should buy one for three reasons. First off, you’ll have a great game for only $9.95. Second, all game-buyers get ads shut off on The Daily Puzzles. Third, if you enter the coupon-code “GAMEPRODERDOTNET”, you get 25% off, so that’s even cheaper.

    Oh, and also because I have a cool blog. And I personally know David Michael. And I’ll give you a pony.

    Okay, not a pony.

  6. Right. I should win this, now:

    Whichever games you buy, make sure you buy them from http://www.gibbage.co.uk, because that way some of the cash you spend gets invested in future, funky and amazing indie games.

    Everyone wins.

  7. yike, I do not know about blogs,yet can tell it is something want to know

  8. Buy The Forgotten Element, when it comes out. It’s a traditional Lucasarts style point and click, not like all these modern rubbishy adventure games where you just *click* on everything. Bah!

    Seriously, for only about £20, we will make sure you have a copy before everyone else. Yeah, okay the game will be coming out in 4 parts, and the first part is not likely to be out for a good few months. Yeah, yeah, so it’s going to be free to download, but that’s not the point!

    You’ll be paying to keep the point-and-click genre alive, should you want to do such a thing. You’ll be paying to keep us in the psychotropic substances that allow us to continue writing complete and utter bollocks on our blog.

    And let’s face it, that would be good. Then no one could come to this site and say: “That Juuso talks sense! Not like those fruitcakes from that other site!”

    So buy TFE!

  9. @wazoo: hah, yes! Games only *this* time ;)

    Anyway, there seems to be lots of good games out there, I will have trouble finding only few good ones. So far few has catched my eye… but I’m still waiting for more suggestions :)

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