Second Life Is Really Like a Second Life

Now a huge real estate firm is entering the 3D virtual world. The system goes so that players can get land in Second Life, that’s quite familiar element from other games. What’s new is that now Coldwell Banker – a company in a real life – will open a virtual sales office and start selling virtual land. I think that’s pretty amazing, and can’t but wonder when they start listing virtual companies in the Second Life?

Second Life is said to be not only a game. I might agree that Second Life is one step further in the age of information technology. Since people start getting jobs in virtual worlds, and establishing companies to operate in virtual worlds, I think we definitely can say that the world is changing.

And change is good.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Essentially any investment in something in Second Life is an investment in the game, and to a less degree the company behind it (since they do have complete control over it). So if your forecasts for the game and the company are good, it’s a good investment.

  2. good point but it depends if second life can move with the times and be the “standard” so that people don’t leave.

  3. With all of the recent hype around Second Life, it can’t be long before a different company creates their own (and possibly better) version of a duplicate universe… who knows, we could see a dozen of these cyber-realities pop up within the next few years?! Can you imagine the mass Second Life exodus if Blizzard (makers of World of Warcraft) opened up a “Better Life”?! How about an off-the-shelf virtual universe creator sold at your local tech shop?

    Point being: playing in environments such as these is totally fine – BUT – all of those near-sighted entrepreneurs who are spending cold hard cash buying a big slice of virtual land might get a rude shock when their investments crash and burn as soon as the next community opens up.

    It’s going to happen. Just a question of ‘when’.

  4. A friend of mine, who’s an artist, has just got someone to set him up a virtual art gallery displaying his “drip series” of nudes. It’s pretty cool, and people have bought the art in second life for their virtual homes. Of course he’s hoping the marketing exercise will result in REAL art sales…

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