Are You Solving Problems or Complaining About Them?

There so many employees that have the thinking pattern of “it’s not my problem”. Almost whenever they need to do something that’s “not their responsibility”, they will refer to contract or they job description and say that it’s not their duty to solve that problem. Programmers might stop helping their customers because “it’s not their job”.

There’s one main reason why changing this attitude is so important. Solving problems is crucial to success. Successful businesses solve problems. Successful people solve problems. That’s why people keep saying “there’s no problems, only opportunities”. Problems give you chance to solve, learn and improve.

Whether you are a programmer, a designer, or a producer – do you think your boss will appreciate you more if you solve their problems, or if you keep saying “not my responsibility”?

I’m not saying that you would need to solve all the problems, or say “yes” to everybody. That’s not the point. The point is that you cannot keep saying “not your responsibility”. If you keep doing something that’s waste of time and “not your responsibility” then it’s your responsibility to improve the process. If you get 20 worthless emails that take 10 minutes of your time every day, then the problem won’t go away by whining to other workers how things are bad. Your job is to bring this issue in light, and either improve the process or get others to improve it so that you won’t be wasting your time in the future. At least make sure that the decision-makers know that there’s a problem in the process, so that they can make decisions whether to improve the process or not.

You make the decision whether you are a problem solver or not. Bottom line is – and I guarantee you this – that there’s much more room for problem solvers than complainers in any business in the world.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. So what happens if you bring up the issue but are not the one in power to change it and so go through the “painful processes” again?

  2. Yep and it’s called “proactivity” folks. Tune in to when you and other people complain and you’ll be horrified to find out how much you and others moan all the time. So stop moaning, take action and surround yourself with positive people and influences (oh and don’t watch the news ;-))

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