DX Studio – Build complete DirectX 3D Applications Without a Single Line of Code

DX Studio, is a tool for building interactive 3D applications for Windows. Besides a commercial version, there’s a freeware download version available which you can use to download rest of the files through the net (the final download will be between 10MB and 60MB). Version comparison and features can be found here.

I downloaded and tried the software and it looked very professional and clean to use. I tried checking out some demos and I liked especially the portfolio example that basically displayed an animated character on screen (picture below), but there were also example games and web applications available.

Overall the tool contained demos, coding examples, tutorials and other information as well, so really getting know the product would require bit more time. Anyone interested in creating 3D software (whether it’s games or houses or whatever), you might find DX studio interesting. More information on their website.

Juuso Hietalahti