Military Leadership

Last weekend I saw two military officials discussing in a television show. They were asked what kind of leader they respect? What kind of qualities a good leader must possess?

Both responded: “They kind of leader who treats you as an individual and really listens to you.”

I bet you can see how efficient this piece of advice can be. It’s priceless for video game producers or leaders when dealing with others. It’s priceless for anyone dealing in customer service or in sales. The military officials continued by saying how motivating it is to work and carry out commands for someone who is listening to them.

Don’t you agree with this? Isn’t it true that those it’s easier to respect those who treat you with respect? Wouldn’t you agree that whenever you have been purchasing something and got somebody to deal with you personally, it has been easier for you to make the buying decision. You can do the same to others: you can motivate others to do what you want, by treating them as they want. Whether it’s leading the team or dealing with a customer, you can consider really listening to others and concentrating on solving their problem.

Could you use this style in your own work?

Juuso Hietalahti

One Comment

  1. Well, I do like this kind of leadership.
    I could use this style for some reasons.

    One thing I mentioned from this article were about “you can motivate others to do what you want, by treating them as they want”. Still to be honest, in professional environment, “what they want” should be equal with other rules such as company rules or community rules.
    This is how someone can respect others, and this is related with mental/personal background, how mature he or she is.

    For me at the first of team building, from the leader to the ordinates, there’s must be a clear vision “what we will do”. It’s important to get all differences unity as one, and be consistent with the vision. Then everyone on the team will knows what their responsibilities as an individual. Yet creating harmonious condition.
    And it’s make everything easier to be done. Isn’t it?

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