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It’s time for the official announcement regarding the GP Insiders. In this post I’ll give a brief sales pitch regarding the service, and explain how you might benefit from it. Insiders is not for everybody, but if you are one of those who want to know more about being a part of game producer community, get practical how to get traffic, more sales, distribute press releases, and enjoy noise-free discussion then you might be interested in the following.

Here’s in a nutshell what Insiders get:

  • Access to noise-free discussion forums – for those who like to participate in bulletin boards that are not who complainers. The low Insiders fee will keep away those people who are not serious about doing business.
  • Access to GameRelease PR distribution tool – you are free to distribute several press releases per month with no additional charge. And why this is important? Here’s one reason why sending press releases is important – a scanned pic from PCZone magazine (we used VGsmart company at that time – and now we are distributing press releases using our own tool). PR tool alone can be worth many times the Insiders fee.
  • Free sales guide – I’m updating a sales manual, basically putting lessons that we learned when we launched Hightailed and GEOM, and what lessons I’ve picked in the past years. Guide is very practical and there are some Insider comments here (just scroll down a bit and you can read what other people have thought about the guide). The Guide is not yet finished, but already contains lots of practical tips for getting more sales.
  • Free traffic guide – I’ve recently started writing about what I’ve learned in building GameProducer.net traffic from 37 unique visits per month to 25,104 unique visits per month. I’m sharing everything I know in a down-to-earth manner, that will help you to grow your website traffic. Everything is kept really simple and to the point.
  • Discounts and more: there are already 30 members on the boards and these guys and girls are enthusiastic about making games and are part of the game industry. We are having nice discussion on the boards and some of the members have also started their own threads. Nvidia programmer arex (who has also programmed his own Dawnbringer3D rendering engine) is sharing programming tips & tricks. Tim Fisher (Indiepath Ltd.) is sharing his insight on Reflexive versus BFG affiliate programs, and telling more about them. More articles and resources are coming as you read this.

And what does it cost?
At the moment Insiders membership cost only $9.97 per month (or $99.70 per year – which gets you 2 free months, and a free announcement about your company/website/product through GameProducer.net). The PR tool alone can help you get back that money if you have a decent product – and lots of more. The Sales guide can help you earn that money back – and more (after all, the price of being Insider is only one sold unit per 1-2 months). Any person who reads the information and acts on it can recoup that money (and more) fast with little additional work.

Or you can simply skip 3 beers per month :) and get in a fine place with other like-minded people.

Bottom line
Game Producer Insiders is an exclusive, community of like-minded individuals committed to succeed in the gaming industry. The noise-free community forums, free press release distribution service, the Sales Guide, traffic guide… and more are available for Insiders. It’s not for everybody, but it might be for you since you’ve read this far.

If you want to read about the details, click here to see more information about the benefits of being a GameProducer.net Insider. The ordering information is available on that page as well.

Naturally you can always contact me and ask if you are not sure whether the Insiders membership is for you or not.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I have joined the Game Producer Insiders community few months ago, and let me tell you, it is WORTH THE MONEY!
    Those of you who read this and haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for?

    P.S: I wasn’t paid by Juuso to write this testimonial :-p

  2. @Jake: There’s detailed info about discounts here. Currently, there’s discounts for 3 products:

    “As an Insider, you get discounts from various products, such as 10%-20 discount on OSA Kit, Extended 3 Month Free Trial of igLoader, 10% Discount on DX Studio Commercial Editions.”

  3. Very nice update! Come on, we need more people with different skills to the Insiders. :)

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