Easter Holiday and Stuff to Remember

I’m taking a few days off and simply going to be 100% lazy this Easter. Concentrating on eating, sleeping and that sort of stuff. As a quick reminder before the upcoming article (coming in the next couple of hours – subject is “Are you a game developer or game engine developer”):

  • First of all, there’s a site introduction available that’s filled with posts you could take a look at. Take a look at it. I’ve gathered many good articles on that page.
  • Secondly, yes – there’s newsletter available. I’m sending useful information there. Recently I mentioned about a free video game ebook, and in the past I’ve sent information about sales statistics etc. – so be sure to sign up.
  • Thirdly: RSS feed. I have set that up, and you should set up one to your site as well. Subscribe in this blog feed and you’ll have an easy way to check out what’s going on in this blog.
  • Fourthly: Some time ago I’ve put online a section for free stuff. At this point there’s not much to see, but I’m bringing free more resources there in the future. At this point I’ve mentioned newsletter and some free game stuff in that page. Check them out.

That’s it for now, next article coming in just a few hours.

Take it easy people.

Juuso Hietalahti