Big Fish Games Partner Network, First Impressions

I started experimenting with the Big Fish Games Partner Network some time ago, and made a blog post where I explained how it works.

At this point I could say that the system is: interesting
It’s interesting. I don’t have enough statistical data or experience with the system to tell how it will evolve, but the first month was good enough for some conclusions. In this time I have 174 confirmed friends and 275 in “my extended network”. In total I have 449 network contacts so far. I have earned $44.03 rewards since I joined the system (that’s average 9.8 cents per contact) – although majority of the rewards has come from 1-tier, not from the extended network.

$44.03 is a start. I haven’t promoted the system much – one reason being that I first want to test the system. I’ve used a few affiliates links in blog posts (like in this post) and have set up a few links to my blog. I’ve mentioned my own gamespace but also mentioned people that they can get 2 free games. At this point I cannot tell if this $44.03 is good or bad. Although if the system can give me additional $44 per month that’s still about $500 additional in a year.

This and the following month will help me really evaluate the system. The good thing about the system is the possibility of repeat purchases. This would basically mean that the system would generate income for me if some of those who purchased something in May will also buy something in April. That’s actually the interesting part of the system. If I see total of 900 contacts in the next month, who generate $45 then I would say that the system is typical to other affiliates. If on the other hand I see new 450 new contacts who generate $45 AND that the old customers also generate additional $20-40 income, then I think we have a winner system here. The following months will tell.

Bottom line:
At this point I cannot yet personally recommend the system, but those who are interested for an alternative way to generate revenue or sell games on their websites the Big Fish Games Partner Network might be worth checking out.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I have started it befour 15days but still having only 2 confimered contacts and no earnings but i thing its really very intresting system for long earnings.

  2. Blueskied,

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  3. Anyone else got a newsletter from Sergey informing about the latest hot BFG release?
    Is this the latest kind of spamming, MyBFG spams?
    Can’t remember having signed up on your newsletter,Sergey.

  4. interesting as those figures seem pretty low for such a large number of contacts. I personally made more than both of you put together using Reflexive’s Affilaite system via my site and http://www.binaryjoy.co.uk but I do have to put work into those sites – it’s not totally passive…but it is growing.

  5. I started My Game Space by following your links, so I should be in your extended network. I have 290 confirmed contacts now and I have earned 30$

    That is ok, but I have also put in quite some work getting there, so I don’t think this is going to make me rich ;-)

    I don’t know why you only have 275 friends in your extended network. My 290 should place you beyond that. Maybe the pc i registered from has a “problem” with browser cookies.

    Btw. I am using the Big Fish Games – “Sattelite gamesite system” to run my site: http://www.funnyfishgames.com

    Me overall impression is that there is way to much competition in the casual game space to be making a living – unless you were ready to make some serious commitment to it. And even then there is no way to be sure.

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