The Next Sale Could Be Right Behind the Corner

You have a good product. Good promotion. But almost zero sales. You might even feel frustrated after working really hard on your product. Some people complain, whine and go shouting how it’s impossible to generate revenue in gaming business. Soon, other complainers find him and then the “merry” group is ready to manifest the “truth”.

Meanwhile… somebody else has noticed that his game is not selling well, and he starts to ask encouraging questions. Rather than thinking “it won’t sell”, he starts to think “how can I make it sell?”. He might ask reasons behind the purchase from his customers. He might ask encouraging questions in discussion boards and really get to the bottom of the problem. Perhaps his game won’t sell in the future either, but he just might have found ingredients to produce a game that’s sells. It is up to him to reach his goal, and he can’t get there by complaining how the road is rough to walk.

You gotta have patience. Selling is a tough job. It’s probably one of the toughest jobs actually. It requires lots of work and patience to get others to buy something from you. It just won’t happen overnight. That’s why patience is needed. Some people complain and turn around and never see what’s behind the next corner. These people might not remember that you have to be patient, and sometimes it requires taking many steps… before seeing any sales.

That’s the secret.

As long as you keep polishing and promoting your product, and giving people something they want and need – the next sale just might be behind the corner.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I think it’s worth being aware of the contingency option but not focusing on it too much as otherwise you’ll make it happen.

  2. It’s always good to have a business plan but you must also have a contingency plan.

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