How Positive You Are?

One of the major reasons for me when I started writing this blog, was to concentrate on positive side of things. I’ve seen lots of negativity in different forums, heard about the negativity in work places, negativity and lack of trust in teams. I’ve heard stories telling how it’s impossible to succeed in gaming business (and most likely you know these guys in other industries as well). I’ve heard stories how things just won’t work and how the world is a cruel place to live – or cruel place to make games. I’ve heard rants and whining.

When I started this blog I decided to concentrate on positive side of things. Even when I might have made some mistakes, and (almost) “ranting” on something, I’ve tried to mention also the positive aspects. It actually has been great to see how this impacts – lots of comments and commentors are also very positive and have supportive attitude. I’ve heard some negative comments, but majority of talk in the blog has been positive. I’ve also had a chance to talk and email with some talents in bigger studios… and while there are studios with bad attitudes, it’s been (almost) amazing to find out how flexible and positive people you can find from these studios – telling how these big corporations are actually very nice places to work.

While I understand that external factors naturally have impact (especially when you work in a team), I still think every producer (or any person) in the world has power on how to react – more or less, depending on the person and his past experiences and current way of thinking. In some situations people might feel too exhausted to think positively, and in these situations it’s naturally more difficult to stay positive. Everybody can be positive and feel relaxed when everything is well, but it requires great amount of training to feel positive and relaxed when things are not well.

Here’s some questions and situations to ponder:

  • How positive you are when it comes to leading the team? Are you using rewards for doing things well? Or are you using “stick” and blaming others when things are not done as you wanted? Are you congratulating for work well done? Or are you shouting about work that’s done late? Are you changing plans and using your ‘title’ to make others adapt the change? Or are you keeping plans visible and public and help others to adapt the change?
  • How positive you are in dealing with problems? Are you whining? Blaming others? Blaming the world? Are you asking yourself “why me? why this doesn’t work?” Or are you telling yourself “Thank God it’s me who has chance to fix this. Now, how can I make this work?”
  • Are you seeing the glass half-full when it comes to project? Are you worrying about the missed deadlines and the amount of workload? Or are you remembering what’s already been done, and coming up with solutions how to meet the deadlines and deal with the workload?
  • Are you taking responsibility? Are you positive when it comes to dealing with additional work? Will you be asking encouraging questions and making sure the process will be refined when needed? Will you take responsibility for any work you’ve touched? Are you saying “It’s not my work to do that” or are you saying “I will deal it.”

How positive you are?

Tip for those who want further reading: check out positivity blog. I found it some time ago, and the content on that site is encouraging. I really recommend taking a look at it.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @plasmus: I would also like to remind that by no means I did think that “dealing” would mean “doing”… As a reminded – take a look at this blog post :)

    @Tuna: In some forums they might require more strict rules, and not sure how much time I could give to those forums. I enjoy writing here and seeing you guys commenting (And this is actually one reason for having the Insiders forum – the entry fee is an efficient way to keep negative people away ;)

    @Jake: :)

  2. To be pendantic and precise, I was referring to my experiences in “commercial” game developement, not indie… just for the record. ;)

  3. Your professionalism and positivity would definitely be welcome in the GameDev.net forums, many of the moderators are very negative. The moderators tend to give constructive criticism but in a very negative manner, which helps feed the fire to any other posters. Would be nice to have a few people like you to rub off on the GameDev community to make a more positive and constructive community such as Indiegamer.

  4. Well, to this quote: “Are you saying “It’s not my work to do that”
    or are you saying “I will deal it.””

    I’d say it’s a two way street, i have encountered peep(s)
    in leading postion(s) that ask you to do extra work for they have “no time” for they have to rush in to they IE. freetime activities as in sport per say. However, you can’t never call the favor back cause it’s not their job to aid you in any way, but only tell you what to do. Even as they didn’t have the picture of it themselves.

    After few occasions you are rather likely to reply it as “it is not my job” as your own timetable is far beyond the schedule due to your vain sacrifices to keep the project on it’s track and taking all responsibility to do the actuall job and more. Even moreso when you are pushed to the limits with your own work with actively changing scheme of how things should be. Should you fail, it’s all in your responsibility.

    No offence and sorry to rain on your parade, but there are people in the industry that are not neccessarily suited for leading positions, thus the whine from many mouths i recon.
    Often these leading peeps have a solid ground that can’t be shaken in any way they are tied via shares or otherwise so that you can’t go up against them nor even correct them (any comment is most likely to be conciderd as an personal assault, no matter the arguments or sense), and they will have their way regardless of sense or consiquenses. Commentation/critisism= “Defiance” = Unemployment.

    As for more happy tune. It’s not all like that. There are many: good peeps, places, projects and whatnot as well. :)

    PS. Good topics lately! And sorry for the rantage. :)

  5. I appreciate your positive approach. You may be interested in the Reel Life Wisdom blog. There is a positive, inspiring quote posted there every day.

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