Carnival of Game Production – Third Edition

It’s time for the third edition of carnival of game production. In this carnival, some people sent me several articles related to production and games, and simply some fun stuff.

Carnival Articles

Jake Birkett sent me several articles. My personal favourite was Knowing where to tap. A great story, and a good reminder that in the information age – the information is gold.

Another article I got from Jake was titled: “I’ve finished my game – now what?”. Good list & ideas what to do after you’ve finished your game. Very practical for any developer to think about.

TonyC submitted an article “Explicit” games, and there’s a fun story right in the start of the article. The story reminds us that while giving tips to players is usually a good idea in games… you might not want to give too much aid.

Jay Barnson had an Interview With Steve Taylor of NinjaBee, makers of great indie game Outpost Kaloki and Outpost Kaloki X (XBox 360 Live Arcade version). Read the interview, very interesting.

Jay’s another article was titled The Joy of Tex (turing) and basically goes through the basics of creating texturing. Very nice ‘tutorial’ on how to create textures – especially for those who have never tried that before.

Last, but not least – Jay also sent me information about a $10,000 RPG-In-A-Year Contest. The idea is to create an RPG in one year. Check out exact rules at mydreamrpg.com.

The Positivity Blog had a fine article named: 8 ways to spark your creativity. Applicable tips & ideas for any game designer. While I somewhat disagree with the 7th point, I think all of the tips contain good ideas. Tips 3 and 4 being my personal favourites.

Den sent me an article named Is next-generation the spoiled child of previous generation? Good thinking in the article, and a pretty good list of production related notes in the end. My personal favourite was the 6th point about balancing the time.

Fun treats

Dan at Gibbage is Escaping the Mainstream and concentrating to fuel the indie scene. Indie scene sure has use for all the support it can get.

Julien Dorra contacted me, and while this was not directly about game production I thought it was suitable for a ‘fun carnival treat’. There’s a site called DebuggingLife.com – a funny (non-game) project about “tracking the bugs of life”. There’s a short article about the origin of the project.

Submit your articles

That concludes the Carnival edition. Thank you for all of you who sent articles, and if your article didn’t make it to the Carnival you can still try next time. Remember to check out the Carnival of Game Production Headquarters where you can find some more information regarding what kind of articles we are after – basically I want to see fun, inspiring, practical and positive stories that should be somehow related to game production. At least loosely.

The next Carnival edition will be hosted here at GameProducer.net in the following months – after I receive about 10 suitable stories. Please, feel free to use the submission page to send your articles.

Thanks for your time.

Juuso Hietalahti