3 Mistakes to Avoid When Arranging Meetings

Don’t arrange a team meeting, when in reality you need to speak with one guy
Please don’t do this. If you have something to say that only one guy in the team needs to know, say that thing after the meeting or in some day. Programmers don’t really need to know how the UV map should be done, and modelers don’t really care to hear if that memory leak was fixed or not. Make sure you speak to the whole group when you arrange group meetings. Otherwise you might be wasting time, and basically boring your team.

Don’t make your team members travel if not necessary – use phone if possible
It’s horrible to see stories where workers were invited to a meeting where they had to travel 2 hours trip by train – just to realize that everything could have been said on the phone. Save traveling expenses. Save nerves. Consider having a phone meeting if you don’t really need to have a face-to-face meeting.

The argument “I like to have face-to-face meetings” is no excuse for telling things on the phone. It’s not what you like – it’s matter of productivity and what everybody likes. And not everybody likes to waste time on traveling when it’s not needed.

Don’t get people to read papers in the meeting – send those papers before the meeting
Don’t spend time on reading papers in the meeting… Getting everybody together can be sometimes really tricky and if you waste most of the time for reading papers then something is wrong. Reading can be done alone. Being together in a meeting must be used for talking about common issues, not on reading papers or documents that should have been read before.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. No. 2 is so true. I am so irritated when they call me for a meeting and I know ahead that all they gonna say is some b****t. This is one of the reasons people quit their jobs.

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