Mars Miner – Bomberman Style Action/Arcade Game

RetroStyle Games has released a new version of their debut title: Mars Miner. I took a brief look at this game and came up with some ideas and suggestions, on what they could do to improve the product.

Mars Miner is bit difficult to categorize, as it has arcade, action and almost puzzle like elements. Whatever genre it fits, I especially liked the idea of bombing stuff like in Bomberman game. It’s simply fun. Besides doing good job implementing the bombing, the graphics are very well done.

Developer hints regarding the website:

  • I would reconsider different content for the website. Even though they might have several games in the future I think it would be a good idea to show Mars Miner right on the front page (and not just behind clicks). I think showing the game more, and putting less focus on the news might be a good idea.
  • I would also show full game info right away rather than ‘more info’ (because the ‘more info’ page doesn’t seem to have that much more information). This might not be such important, but just came to my mind.
  • This one is important: I would put download/buy buttons much more visible – I think they should be seen right away when somebody arrives on the website. Possibly in several places (like top menu and also on other parts of the website)

Developer hints regarding the game:

  • I liked the graphics very much, but the sound & music couldn’t meet the quality of graphics. Maybe some improvements there?
  • The ‘intro mini game’ added feeling in the game, but was perhaps bit boring. Not sure though if it makes sense to add anything on it though. Perhaps make it bit shorter and so that the plane couldn’t bear so much damage. (This is not so relevant)
  • I played only a few levels, but I could have kind of wished more variety (more different monsters) right from the beginning.

Last but not least, I’ve seen the comments for the first release and I think these guys have done a good job on “listening & polishing”. I’d say they are on good track, and can’t but wish them good luck.

If you are into ‘Bomberman meets arcade/action/puzzle’ kind of gaming, then download free Mars Miner demo.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thank you, Juuso!
    We are going to rework our site soon.
    You can play Survival to see more different monsters right from the beginning.
    We had ideas for much more atmospherical sound, but at this moment we have some problems with our Sound engine. We are going to try another one later.

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