Last Chances to Convince Me To Buy Your Game…

The contest for the April is coming to end – and I’m still interested to hear recommendations for games to buy. For those of you who skipped this earlier, basically I want developers to convince me to buy their game. Contest details are available here and anybody (with a game to sell) can attend – for how many times you want. The contest will end in about a week, and I will be buying at least couple of games.

The winners will get $$$ (since I’m buying the game), but also publicity (since I will be telling the bought games in public here on this blog) which will naturally lead to more $$$ (as other blog readers naturally also want to buy these games).

Now, convince me to buy your game.

One thought on “Last Chances to Convince Me To Buy Your Game…


    I’d like to hear you comment on that video’s effectiveness regardless of whether you buy the game or not.