Witty Way to Use Bills to Market Your Products

I just received a phone bill. I must say I was pretty amazed to see the bill telling me “WIN TICKETS TO EUROVISION FINALS, Check out instructions in the back”. The tickets itself was not such a big deal, but the fact that they had put this information in the bill showed creativity.

I don’t recall seeing any other company promoting something (this time it was a contest – not something to buy) in the bill, and I believe you should be really careful when doing so. Promoting too much might make the bill complex, but in this case it worked well because the tickets were mentioned in the bill summary (and not for example in the payment details). Also the fact that the color was red, and everything else black made it stand out.

Quite a witty way to promote an event contest.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. lol haha, OK then I stand corrected. But it’s certainly not a common use or the first meaning that springs to mind. Having said that, Juuso’s English is really excellent so well done that man!

  2. Witty can mean either!

    “Witty” on answers.com:

    1. Possessing or demonstrating wit in speech or writing; very clever and humorous.
    2. Characterized by or having the nature of wit; funny or jocular: a witty saying.
    3. Quick to discern and express amusing insights or relationships.
    4. Entertainingly and strikingly clever or original in concept, design, or performance: a witty sculpture; witty choreography.

  3. @Jake: Clever. :) Didn’t mean witty means cleverly funny. You live and learn. Thanks

    @Tuna: Heh.

    @swordfish: Hah, if somebody wants to find numbers and pay my bill, go for it! :) Great link.

  4. Who would have thought that banner ads would bridge over to snail mail?

  5. Do you mean witty which means “cleverly funny” or maybe you just meant “clever” as there is not much funny about the placement of the ad?

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