My Free eBook ‘Game Production Cookbook’ Available Now

I’ve written a short ebook (15 pages, with big font) named Game Production Cookbook. The ebook contains 10 recipes to speed up your game production. The free ebook is available for those who subscribe (or have already subscribed) into the newsletter.

If you want your copy, join the newsletter to get the free game production ebook. After confirming the subscription, you’ll get information on how to download that booklet. Those who join the newsletter will also get informed when new sales statistics or other special stuff is available. The newsletter contains special stuff that’s not available in the blog – and I won’t send many emails per month.

I won’t share your email with anyone, and you may easily unsubscribe by clicking a link in any email you get from me.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hello,

    of course it’s a short book, but I think that’s a good thing because you can just repeat reading it whenever you’re not motivated ;)

    I wanted to tell you about two errors in the book that you should fix: The footline says “handbook” instead of “cookbook”, and in the introduction there’s a sentence called “…but you it’s up to you how
    will you use it…” which should be “…but it’s up to you how you will use it” (first “you” omitted and last “you” swapped with “will”).

    Besides those little mistakes, it’s really a nice readable guide and I think it somehow represents the core of what you tell us about in your blog :) perhaps you could also include the information about this book’s existance in your website introduction.

  2. I’ve read the ebook and enjoyed it. Comparing game development with food preparation helps illustrate the order things should be done in.

    One thing, though, I know English isn’t your native language, so I normally forgive you when there are grammatical mistakes in your Blog, but you should have considered having somebody proofread your ebook. After all, it could be something with potentially more lasting value than individual Blog posts.

  3. A very worthy read for anyone who is trying to get their start in game development.

  4. Has it got any secrets in it, like how to become a millionaire? Hope so… ;-) oooh perhaps you’ve quoted me too.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s full of nice tips and it’s very compact, so it’s not a hassle to read it. Nice work, very inspiring!

  6. @Frozax: There was error should be: “Every change you do will have least impact in the beginning, and biggest impact in the end of the project.”. This is now fixed & updated in the net. Thanks for telling this!

    For those of you who have read the blog nearly everyday hopefully find something useful – or at least a new perspective on things that might have been mentioned earlier, and perhaps also something new as well.

  7. Well, you made me subscribe, then.
    The book is interesting, even if as I’m reading your blog nearly everyday, you told us lots of these things already :)
    Just one thing I’m not sure to understand, or maybe there’s an error in the book, page 13: “Every change you do will have least impact in the beginning, and biggest impact in the beginning.” ?
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Okay now that’s possible ;)
    But your “newsletter” subscribe-link stands right next to the RSS link, so I thought it might be ~somehow~ more frequent :D

  9. @Zeha – newsletter would mean getting maybe one or two emails (on average) per month… with stuff like this. If you don’t like the newsletter, you can always unsubscribe. 2 emails per month filled with useful information can’t be that bad, can it? ;)

  10. It’s a good marketing-idea to offer your book to newsletter subscribers – but to be honest, I’m not too interested in signing up. Not because I don’t like this website ;) but I check here almost every day anyway and read all the stuff, so I don’t think the newsletter would be very useful for me. So perhaps it would also be nice to offer it for non-subscribers :)

  11. Firstly, as a newsletter recipient I have access to the book, so thanks! I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I plan on tucking into it this weekend.

    Secondly, I hope you’ll consider releasing the book to the rest of the world under a Creative Commons License within a reasonable time frame.

    Thirdly, I love the chef graphic!

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