A Story on How to Kill the Trolls

This is a story about two adventurers, who were after a great treasure. You might spot something very familiar from this story, and feel free to comment it if you wish.

Once upon a time…

Two friends – a bold knight and a wise conjurer – were about to go on a treasure hunt. They had a map to the hidden treasure, which was buried deep in a dark forest. Many people had warned them by telling that it’s impossible to find that treasure from the forest, and the quest would be full of dangers. The two friends listened to other people’s advice, and learned from them. They filled their backpacks with food supplies, armed themselves and took a fine shovel with them. Together they headed to this dangerous journey.

After just a few days of traveling, the mighty knight heard strange voices. After listening for a while he realized that these were the sounds of trolls. Knight had his sword with him, and he felt no fear. He said to the conjurer that those trolls might be dangerous and that he thinks they would need to be stopped. The conjurer reminded that it’s true that trolls are one of the most dangerous monsters in the world, but it would take too much time and energy to kill those trolls. Besides, all the trolls couldn’t be eliminated anyway. There would always come more trolls even if they would manage to destroy these trolls.

“Rubbish!”, said the knight. “It’s our duty to destroy those evil monsters from this world. Otherwise they will catch some poor travelers.”

“Poor travelers?”, responded the conjurer. “There are no poor travelers here. Everybody who travels here is packed with wisdom and weapons – and enough common sense to stay away from those trolls.”

With little upset, the knight said: “Well, I’m going to go anyway. If you are afraid of trolls, so be it. I’m going to kill them and make the world a better place to live. Bye!” And so the knight left before conjurer managed to mumble: “Have you already forgotten where we were supposed to go? We were supposed to find the treasure, not waste our time on trolls that will only get more powerful when opposed. Killing the trolls doesn’t bring us any nearer to the treasure.”

And so the knight went away, and left conjurer to continue the quest alone.

Conjurer took a firm grip on a shovel, checked the path from his map and proceeded towards the goal: the treasure.

After two weeks travel, the conjurer finally found the place that was marked with a big X in the map. He started digging and found a bag full of diamonds. With smile on his face he turned back to go home.

Two more weeks passed, and conjurer came back to the place where the knight had left. By listening carefully he heard some shouting and noises: “Take that you filthy beast!” somebody shouted far away. That must have been the knight, thought the conjurer. “He has got so focused on the trolls, that he totally forgot where he was going. I might be a poor wizard since I cannot spell my name” he added, “but at least I’m wise enough to stay away from trolls. After all, the knight doesn’t realize that the more he fights with the trolls, the more training he is giving to the trolls. The trolls here are strong and big, for that reason. The smaller trolls – or goblins as they are called back home – are small and weak. That’s because we conjurers don’t let them train with us: we don’t fight with the goblins. Trolls would spend most of their time fighting with each others anyway, and if we give them our attention – you can rest assured they will be pleased.”

“That’s what the trolls want: attention. If we don’t give them that, they vanish.”, thought the rich conjurer and went back to home while leaving the knight to fight the never ending battle in the dark forest.

The End.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. So are trolls fears/negative thoughts which grow stronger as you feed them or are trolls “feature creep” in game development i.e. you never reach the goal of a complete game. Perhaps the story applies to both.

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