What Are Trolls?

Last Saturday I published a story about trolls and treasure quest and Jake asked what trolls I was referring. Here’s what I meant. I meant that Your negative thoughts are the trolls, and the ones who give you negative thoughts might be trolls. There are ways to ‘fight’ against these trolls, and the way you need to ‘fight’ is to either ignore or turn the situation completely the opposite.

Here’s an example way to hear trolls shouting. Think about some guy, website, comment, incident, people, group or anything that made you upset/jealous/feel envy/etc.. Think of anything that made you think you need to make sure this guy is not ‘distributing his negative thoughts anymore’. If you can think of somebody whose comment made you upset, and you thought you would need to prove that guy that he is wrong (or stupid/idiot/arrogant/etc.), then you are getting in fight with the trolls – with some real trolls or with trolls that you created in your own mind.

Let’s suppose somebody at your workplace or in the Internet said a stupid comment and you started to think about that. You might be thinking by yourself how that guy “sure got it wrong” or “man that guy is an arrogant idiot”. You’ve just encountered trolls. I think you either need to ignore trolls, or turn your negative thoughts into positive thinking.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do anything if you confront something bad, I’m simply saying that you make a conscious choice to not to fight with trolls. If somebody in the Internet says something that you need to prove wrong, do you really think you are using your time well? If you start spending your time proving how somebody is a fraud, how the heck is that going to help you accomplish your own goals? If you think bad about somebody else, do you really think that the other person gives a damn what you think? (He might, but I wouldn’t be on that).

Instead, I recommend you simply ignore the guy who is trolling. If somebody is trying to upset people by giving harsh comments, he is graving for attention and the only way to get rid of the troll is to ignore him. If somebody is making you jealous or making you wish that this guy shouldn’t shouldn’t succeed then this ‘troll of negative thoughts’ should be turned into a positive thought: congratulate (in your mind) how that somebody is doing a fine job to see such success!

What’s more important to you?
It boils down to this question: what’s more important to you?

  • Prove that some guy was wrong?
  • Complete your project?

If you want to go fight with trolls, sure – go ahead. That’s where you end up. Killing trolls.

But then again, you might want to complete the quest and find the treasure.

Which one would it be?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Um…yes, thats actually what I was saying. I think you are agreeing with me but I’m not sure heh.

    I was just illustrating that in some cases the problem might not be trolls, but the self, and that it is important to keep an open mind ;)

  2. @Aymes: If you get stubborn… then the problem is not in the other end. After all… nobody forced you to be stubborn. What you say “depends on the situation”. If you call somebody a troll then you are heading to the “dark forest” with the rest of them – not such a good idea.

    If you ignore others when they are giving decent advice, then depending on the situation you could have done it differently. If you were busy (and wanted to hear the comment later), then you might say “I’m busy now, but please call/write/email me later/tomorrow”. Or if you don’t want advice, then you can simply said “Thanks, but I think I’m fine here”. It depends where the accident happens. If it’s one of your friends at work, then simply “ignoring” him might be rude (especially if you work with him) – then I would say something. If the “help” happens in the net/email, then sometimes you might need to simply ignore them, and that’s it.

  3. The only problem with this advice (and its good advice) is that you can get stubborn when people are trying to help you.

    I was a worst case scenario many moons ago and whenever anything of mine was critisised I either ignored it or called that person a troll (in so many words!)

    I think you need a clear head to evaluate if its a troll or a…a…an ogre? Someone who is giving decent advice when you dont want to hear it.

    I have a great story about advice if you want it Juuso ;) (If I can remember it fully that is!)

  4. I have to admit that when I first started using the Blitz forums I got sucked into some dumb arguments, but now I’ll just leave it. Beside if they made you feel bad then that’s telling you something…

    I read a good quote quote the other day:

    “To argue with a fool only proves there’s two”

  5. Go on – admit it. You just wanted to post that picture again didn’t you?

  6. I was thinking along these lines this morning on the subway, except I was using ‘monsters’ instead of ‘trolls’. I like your choice better.

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