Pjio Referral Program Launches – Early Adopters Benefit

The new Pjio.com referral program launches. Basically it’s a new service that rewards members for promoting and developing the site community. The program is different to many other referral programs by rewarding members over the lifetime value of an ever-expanding community. Members are rewarded with status points, known as Karma, Credits and a share advertising revenues where applicable. The rewards are earned by the member as and when the referred member participates in community activity or earns advertising revenues from a uploaded game.

Besides offering lifetime rewards, until the end of 2007 referrers qualify for 50% share of the referred members earnings. So, if a referred game developer earns $500 in ad-share, the referrer earns $250. This comes from Pjio’s cut (so both developers and referrers win in this deal). The system is 2-tier, so basically when you refer a friend, and they refer their friends – your network grows.

As you can see, I’ve chosen to experiment with the system. As they are just launching the program, I cannot personally recommend or tell how good it will be – but I know for sure that early adopters (like me) will get an advantage compared to those who get later in the system. The 50% share won’t be available for so many months after all, and the 2-tier system might be better for those who get in early.

We’ll see how it goes, here’s my referral link – check it out in case you are interested: Pjio.com.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Tim: No problem, make sure those devs (including me) get money.

    @garry: games (including ads, and other deals – without taking into account the fact that my games are being quite important indirect promotional vehicle for my other businesses, and other game/non-game referral programs. Games are playing important role in this whole system, so I would need bit more clarification what you mean by asking question “games” or “referral” to be able to give a proper answer.)

    Practical example: let’s suppose somebody creates a game to attract gamers to buy other games (through referral link). He is not making money directly from the game, but from the referral program and ads – the game is an important promotional vehicle between. When somebody asks: “are you making more money from games or referral programs?”, it would be pretty difficult to answer since he might have closed deals thanks to his freeware game that provide him income – his game earned him the deals and are part of it. Some developer are doing deals like that using their free (for players) games.

    If you meant “direct sales” versus “other ways to earn money with games” then the answer is “others” (since at the moment I have only freeware games, and no direct sales).

    Hopefully this was clear enough answer :)

  2. I’m quite interested Jusso, right now, do you make more money through games or referral programs?

  3. Thanks for the article Juuso, I’m glad to see you’ve included your referral link! I’ve some creatives on the way so those who want to use graphical links to the site can do so very soon.

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