Blog Apocalypse – What Would You Say in Your Last Blog Post?

I’ve been tagged by Creating Abundant Lifestyles to participate a “blog Apocalypse” project. A project that will generate some charity and links. It all started from Urban Monk who is donating $1 per every link he gets. The idea of the project is to write a blog entry, as if it was your last one.

Here’s what my entry would like – if this would have been my last chance to blog:

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Be nice to each other.

I believe this summarizes everything pretty well, in a simple and short manner. As that was only a pretended ‘last blog post’, I’m glad I don’t have to say that for real and can keep publishing new content every day. To keep this project going, I’m tagging more people and hoping to hear what they would say in their last blog post.

Jake Birkett – Games, Aikido, positive thinking.

Seth Godin – it would be nice to hear what the marketing professional would say in his last blog post. (By the way, his Purple Cow book is a must read about marketing)

Problogger – Darren’s great blogging site is the number one place to find information about blogging, I wonder what his last blog post would be all about…

Jay Barnson – I bet Rampant coyote’s last story would be worth reading.

Cliff Harris – guy behind Kudos, and upcoming Rock-Legend games to name a few.

Guy Kawasaki – His business advice is priceless. Let’s see what he would say if he would need to do his last blog post.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. where do I post my “pretend” last blog. Here or on my blog? And I guess I should link to Urban Monk right?

  2. Heya, short and sweet last post, I like it. Glad you tagged some of the A-listers, hope that they take up the meme! Thanks for participating! $ put aside for you. =)

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