Indies Are Making Great Games

I’m just going through all the games submitted to the “convince me to buy your game” contest, and to be honest… it’s difficult to choose!

I initially thought about buying maybe a couple of the finest games, but there are so fine games that it’s extremely hard to choose from. I will need some time to go through all the suggested games. From indie scene aspect I think that’s good. It’s good to see there’s lots of talent and lots of great indie games to choose from. I really recommend all you readers to click here and check the games that were mentioned in the comments. There are lots of great games there and some very persuasive attempts to convince me (one of my favourites was told by John Hattan“[you should buy my game…] Oh, and also because I have a cool blog. And I personally know David Michael. And I’ll give you a pony.” :)

I will be making my decision in the following days, and probably end up buying 3 games. I will list all of them in the upcoming blog post and officially end the contest.

It won’t be easy to decide, but it’s great to see that indies are making great games and giving plenty of good options to choose from.

Juuso Hietalahti