I’ve Been Robbed

It has been going on for several months – or even more now. These darn people have been robbing from my bank account. And they did it so well that I almost didn’t notice it.

The problem is… that it continues. And, the robbers are sneaky. They rob legally.

The US dollar course is getting weaker and weaker… and Euro is getting stronger. I just moved $500 from my PayPal account. I have been thinking about this for some time already, but now I decided to mention this in the blog. I can see that $500 is about 360 euros today, but some months (okay – might be 6 months or one year) it would have been 400 euros. Roughly 10% vanished somewhere.

I recall seeing somebody else mentioning how their £12 game now costs only £10 or something (as they sell using USD). The world is making games cheaper, and seems to continue doing that.

The good news is that you can play that game as well. Now is the absolutely best time to buy something in US dollars (if you live outside the United Stated), since the currency is favoring those who normally buy using other currencies like pounds or euros.

Sellers are losing, and buyers are winning.

And that’s not a good news to those in the side of selling.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Jake: Yeh, it was probably you.

    Gibbage, that’s a nice strategy. Well done.

    KNau: This was partially joke (just partially ;) – perhaps people are buying more, and you can always raise prices if you want.

  2. I know how you feel. I used to be able to count on an extra 30% on my royalties when I convert from US dollars to Canadian. Now I’m down to an extra 10% and shrinking.

    I’ve been considering opening a US dollar account and just keeping as much money as possible in it until sometime (possibly in 2008) when the US dollar recovers.

  3. I always plugged Gibbage at £6/ $10-ish, which is what it cost when I launched. It’s also become quite a funky little catchphrase in its own right — people were even using the ‘ish’ bit in the reviews.

    It’s fixed to the pound, which means a copy will currently set you back $11.48 in the states… that’s quite the leap in just a year.

  4. I think the £12 to £10 may have been me…

    Basically every time I see a dollar figure I half it. I didn’t used to have to do that. Oh well, just means it’s easier to become a millionaire equivalent in dollars if you make your money in pounds.

  5. Here’s a thought: sell everything in Euros. If the money you would lose on the exchange rate makes up for the loss of sales by customers who are put off by seeing a “Euro” price, then it’s worth it.

  6. Yeh, naturally.

    Regarding Europe sales: I suppose we would need to get data from portals to make sure it would be statistically accurate information…

  7. I suppose its best to think positive… some of your euro buyers are perhaps new buyers, rather than you ‘losing’ 2 pounds from an ‘existing’ buyer. I wonder if anyone can provide evidence that sales from europe have increased as the currency got stronger?
    OK, it still sucks when you move your paypal dollars across :(

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