Contest Winners – Was Convinced to Buy 3 Games

The convince me to buy your game contest has now officially ended. I decided to buy 3 games (plus making one small donation).

First I bought Duck Tiles. The Pony comment got my attention :)

You should buy one of my games, specifically Bulldozer, Duck Tilesr, or The Puzzle Pack. And you should buy one for three reasons. First off, you’ll have a great game for only $9.95. Second, all game-buyers get ads shut off on The Daily Puzzles. Third, if you enter the coupon-code “GAMEPRODERDOTNET”, you get 25% off, so that’s even cheaper.

Oh, and also because I have a cool blog. And I personally know David Michael. And I’ll give you a pony.

Okay, not a pony.

I will buy The Witch’s Yarn – BUT, I couldn’t make payment since there was no paypal option (and the inner game buy system didn’t look secure for me. I’ve heard about Kagi, but I didn’t like the payment system, so I didn’t make the payment). Anyway, I’ll wait for guys at Mousechief to get back to me so I can finish the order. The game looked interesting, and they had such arguments that left no option but to get this game:

After all the hype and hypertension from playing smups, urps, zurps, and other ‘lean forward’ games:

1. Have a nice read, with The Witch’s Yarn.
2. Chuckle along with the first, interactive sit-com.
3. Delight at the quality illustrations, the real instrument jazz music, and the outlandish characters.
4. In-game purchase system keeps the game flowing (after the ‘please purchase’ message).
5. First two chapters are free. :-)

The last game I bought was Kudos. Cliff Harris had such a bold start, that I couldn’t resist his offer. He started by saying: “Can I enter twice?”.

Lastly, I sent my two cents (plus couple of dollars) to funpcgame, since he asked :)

I would have bought PlayDetective, but BUY button was not available yet.

Hamumu had quite solid arguments favoring their game Loonyland 2: “you’ll buy it, and I win.”… but I skipped their offer. At least for now.

I would have bought pyabo’s game, but didn’t know what his game was, since he only said: “Buy my game or the kitten gets it!” :)

Roman’s suggestion was extremely convincing (“Juuso, buy one of my games so I’ll buy Edoiki when it’s out”), and I had checked Runes of Avalon earlier… but skipped it this time. :)

I must add that there were lots of great suggestions (such as Sheeplings – wonderful name!) and I needed to ‘flip coins’ to find those 3 games. There were simply so many good suggestions, that it was really tough to decide. Maybe in some other day, I would have picked some completely different 3 games, but this time here are the results.

Here’s the full list of suggested games:
Play Detective
Bonbon Quest
Fairy Forest and others
Bound Around
Addictive Football
Wildsnake Games
Easter Bonus
Cute Knight
Loonyland 2
The Witch’s Yarn
Play With Fire
Dismount (not sure how I can buy this though)
Sky Puppy
Fun PC games
Magic Pearls
Ancient Soft’s Games
Anawiki games
Forgotten Element
Tennis Elbow Manager
The Code Zone games
Magic Stones
Fantasy Sceensaver
Online pool game
Boxed In
Derbill games
Bulldozer Soccer
If I accidentally forgot somebody, please let me know and I’ll put it on the list

That’s it, thanks everybody. Hopefully you enjoyed the contest, I sure had fun reading the comments and picking the games.

Now, people – start going through that list, buy those games, and support indie game development. These guys know what they do, and deserve to get some bucks. And you deserve to get to play fine games. For a full list with developer comments, please check out the original contest blog entry and scroll down to read how people tried convince me to buy their games.

Update: John Hattan just sent me this… image that is :)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. To be honest, I don’t like and I don’t want to let people pre-orders.
    Pre-orders reminds me of an old saying in French: “Don’t sell the bear’s skin before you’ve killed him.”
    I better wait until the game is ready :)

  2. Juuso, I’m cool, that was a joke, and when I type it I immediately thought: “now that would be a cool argument to convince you – if you don’t buy, I’ll tell everyone …”


  3. John: rofl :) Thanks!!

    Roman, hah – I assure you it was “flipping the coin” :) I love the RoA art, and was very close buying it :)

    Sila Kayo: Sounds good, perhaps give some simple free demo… and let people pre-order the game? ;)

  4. PlayDetective will be out in June. The reason is that I got a lot of great suggestions how to improve the gameplay, and I am now implementing some of them.
    Congrats to the winners and thank you Juuso. This contest brought a lot of visitors to my website.

  5. Congrats to winners. Shame on you Jusso. I’m sure the real reson was “I am afraid that I am not smart enough to finish Runes of Avalon” ;-)

    Participating in this contest was fun.

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