Edoiki Sneak Peek

Sample shot, although this perspective won’t probably be seen in the final game

Our Edoiki online multiplayer game is about to get first animations. We are anxiously waiting for animator to get everything finished. Meanwhile we are working on a simple level editor and starting to put things together for a tech demo.

The first demo will show briefly what the game will look like and little bit of content. There will be very simple game play (which will be completely different in the ‘real’ release), something to test about the technology. And… I’ve learned from the past that at this point I won’t be promising it next week. Anybody who wishes to hear “when it’s available” will simply hear my saying “before the next ice age”.

Putting things together takes time
As the project is progressing, I’ve come to really see how integrating everything together takes time. There are so many moving parts in the project (sounds, music, animations, textures, environment, characters, level editor, code, network code – you name it) and at some point they all must be put together.

Here are couple of practical tips I’ve learned about making integration as smooth as possible:

  • Plan it: This is important. Don’t assume that everything will just magically work with everything else. Plan how you will stick level editor together with the rest of the game. Plan how textures will be dealt. Plan everything.
  • Naming conventions: this is important. I haven’t been strict enough with naming conventions, and this might cause minor delays or problems. I had put some documentation regarding this, but it wasn’t until some days when I had a conversation with one of the artist explaining how all the art files need to be delivered. For example, the assassin character will need to be “assassin.3ds” and the corresponding texture must be “assassin.png”. Not “Assassin mesh.3DS”, not “uv.jpg”. If you need to make changes and get files again, then it’s a pain if you need to rename stuff.

Now I’m continuing with the level editor and hopefully get soon to start putting the tech demo assets together.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Tuna: yes, tech demo will be publicly available.

    Regarding pronounciation: I have no clue ;) “e-do-iki” sounds good in my mouth. Suit yourself ;)

  2. Will the demo be available to the community?

    Question: How do you pronounce Edoiki? ed-o-iki, e-do-iki?

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