What’s Digg All About?

I’ve taken ‘digging’ for granted, so I didn’t realize that not everybody knows what digg is all about. That’s why I bring this issue up, explain what digg is about and why it can be beneficial for game developers.

Basically digging means ‘voting for good stories’ (that’s a quite rough description, but let’s keep things simple). The stories can be anywhere in the web, and you can simply submit any website to digg.com. Digg.com is a social site for stories and websites, where users tell what they like in the web. There are different categories and tags and all kind of stuff, but simply put: digging means that you ‘vote some website’.

For example, the yesterday’s post about Gish $121,000 sales already got several diggs. Readers were submitting the story to digg (You may see the Gish digg story here).

There’s one major benefit from using digg: if properly executed, it can bring traffic to sites (especially for those stories that have been dugg hundreds or thousands of times). So, basically if you have a good story – some people might digg it, it might hit the digg.com frontpage and bring traffic to your website.

Readers naturally enjoy reading good stories, so digg.com is kind of like “alternative” way to browse news items and top stories in the Internet.

And for the record: there are other similar places such as reddit.com , del.icio.us and many others.

Juuso Hietalahti