Your Questions to Professional Producers?

I’m completing the first batch of ‘producers of the round table’, where several professional game producers share their insight. The original producer entry is here (where you can find the almost complete list of producers). Basically we discussed about getting a job in the industry. Producers answered to questions such as “what’s important in job application” and “what you need to get a job in the industry” – and others. Hopefully we’ll finish the first batch soon, so that it can be put online.

Meanwhile… I’d like you to ponder: what would you like to ask from these producers? Please let us know.

Feel free to comment to this entry or contact me and tell me what kind of questions you’d like to get answered. I cannot guarantee that everything will be answered, but some will.

Let us know if there’s something you’d like to get answered.

Are you a producer in an AAA game studio?
If you happen to work as a producer in studio that makes games with million dollar budgets, and would be interested to participate in the discussion – please contact me. There’s room for couple of more producers.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Guess I am pretty late as I just joined today. :) Anyway it would be great to get an answer to this question.

    How do you make a game that can sell in all/most global markets?

  2. I want to know more about one button genre games..means how to differ each game. For layman ..it is great option.

  3. Hello.
    I make electronic music in my spare time, and i have lots of inspiration and ideas, and alot of experience. Who and how would i contact to see if this music would be right for a game? Is it possible to use MP3’s? It is possible to export these tracks into different formats. Any feedback is appreciated!! thank you.

  4. New question: when to stop developing and ship the title?

    You got the core, you polish the hell out of it and at some point of time you have to say stop. When? You can do beta tests and so on… but how to read results? If 60% of betatester are willing to buy your game is it good enough or not?

  5. Roman: Good question.
    To me it would also be interesting how they calculate the timeframe of a project (how long it will take to develop the game).

  6. you could ask them, if they ever considered buying or bought and indie game?
    how do they see the future of indie game development especially in the pc sector.

    thanks and greetings.

  7. My question would be: when to cancel a title in development?

    I’ve read somewhere on the net, that indies don’t know when to cancel, so know we’ll have a chance to learn :)

  8. A good follow up question could be to ask what their education is.

  9. My question would be:

    – What kind of background education should producers *ideally* have? I mean, besides having a major degree, can master studies such as MBA, Management(..) make a difference when applying for a “junior” producer position?

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