Nothing is Impossible – Part 2

Yesterday’s post about doing impossible acts spawned some comments . I’m going to clarify bit further what I meant by the post.

I believe any imaginable outcome is possible
I belong to the group that thinks there is no such thing as impossible if given enough time- and if you look at the outcome or results. I’m quite aware that some ways to achieve the results might be impossible or temporarily unavailable, but I believe there’s always some alternative ways to achieve what we want.

Let’s take an example: let’s suppose somebody wants to fly from one continent to another using just his arms. The guy might be waving his arms really fast, but I’m pretty confident he won’t be able to fly (at least not very far). So this specific way of achieving the results might be temporarily unavailable. (I say temporarily because who knows what kind of wings evolution might give us). But, if the guy realizes that waving his arms won’t get him very far and concentrates on buying a ticket to an airplane, he can fly where he wanted. The result – flying from one continent to another – can be achieved.

Let’s suppose some really poor person wants to be a millionaire. While it might not be possible to become a millionaire doing the things she has done so far, there’s lots of other people who are millionaires. That’s why I see know reason why she couldn’t become one too. It might take some time, but if she models millionaires, focuses on her goal, thinks like millionaires and does what millionaires do – eventually she’ll become a millionaire.

If somebody wants to get a job in the gaming industry, he can achieve that. I’m not saying it will happen in the company where you wanted and in the time frame you wanted, but I’m confident that there’s no reason why he couldn’t get a dream job in the industry.

If somebody wants to create a hit game, I’m 100% she can. Maybe she cannot do that alone, maybe she is focusing on a wrong genre, maybe her marketing skills are poor – but if she 100% concentrates on creating a hit game and openly looks for opportunities, I see no reason why she couldn’t achieve her goals. Others have done it, so what’s stopping her?

How do you achieve the impossible
Billionaire Donald Trump has a formula for success, and I kind of like his 2-step ‘program’ (it works in other areas than just money):

#1: Do what you love

#2: Never quit

Simple, yet brilliant piece of an advice for anyone who wishes to achieve the impossible.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “its better to try to get where you want to be and fail”

    And remember… you do not fail. You just find another way that doesn’t work. Keep looking for one that works! ;-)

  2. to Riven : Sure it is an oversimplification. But actually its better to try to get where you want to be and fail, than sitting in one place and be unhappy, because you think you can never reach the place you want to be. To deny oneself even the possibility to archive the impossible, is much more unsatisfing, than trying and maybe succeeding.
    Thats why this mantra is important. It tells people try. Don’t sit just there and tell yourself you are not worthy. In a industry, where lots of people work, there is probably a place for almost everyone. You don`t need to be smart to work in gaming. Testing games needs patience and dedication, not university degrees. A multimillion dollar industry has every office job imaginable. A studio where 650 – 1200 people work needs infrastructure.
    Sure that are not the real dream jobs. Everybody wants to be the big, famous game designer. The head honcho. But maybe once, in the industry you get the network you need, to make that happen. But if you never try, it will never happen.
    Everybody told me I was crazy, when I announced that my goal is to be a games programmer. In the middle of Europe, with just 2-3 possibilities, the chance was slim. Especially, because I am a scientist by degree, not a programmer. But I learned everything about the industry, programming, graphic etc. I could in 6 months and I got a job.
    I could tell you countless stories like these. About people beeing lucky, people just blundering in and people doing boring stuff, because they where enthusiastic and getting their dream job.
    And not just in gaming. This goes for everything. Almost every concivable business has lots of layers and depth to allow various people to participate. Want to work in movies, but you are not creative and cannot act. There is always the person with the clipboard. Somebody has to do this job to.
    Just try, they just can say no. And a no hurts maybe a little, but then try again ;-).

  3. Two critical factors are Friends and Focus.

    Friends: If you don’t have the skills – find those that do. The important point is what Juuso said – ” Maybe she cannot do that alone”. It is certainly true that not everyone has the capabilities themselves to achieve certain goals – but it’s not always about doing it yourself. When people complain that successful people only get success because of who they know I say that’s right – and that’s a good thing. To succeed, most people need others to help them. Sitting alone and dreaming about success won’t get you there. Getting out and meeting people and putting together a network of friends and associates that are excited to see you excited about an effort is what is needed. So if someone does not personally have the skills to get to a goal, there are tons of smart people that do have the skill needed to help.

    Focus: Juuso said “Any imaginable outcome is possible”. He did not say that “Every imaginable outcome is possible”. There’s a difference. Because time is the limiting factor. We only have so much of it in a life. Those that pick one goal at a time and put all of their energy and time into that goal are simply more likely to succeed than those that try to do everything or are distracted by other things in life. By all I mean all. That might mean giving up other things – giving up one’s house frees up time (no home maintenance) and money (either reduced payment or pull out equity); giving up one’s car is the same; giving up on another goal is sometimes required as well. While I believe formal education is too valuable to quit, well known college drop-outs give us a good example of the need for focus. Bill Gates quit Harvard to start Microsoft, Michael Dell quit school to work on Dell, Charles Lindbergh quit college to learn flying. (Don’t get me wrong here: Kids, Stay in School!) Successful business people commonly have failed marriages and poor relationships with their children because of all the time and energy put into the business. (I also obviously wouldn’t recommend putting your family second behind a business either -just using an example).

    I personally think it’s good to live a balanced life full of whatever brings you joy every day and right now that is my personal priority over anything else. Yet, Juuso’s assertion that “any imaginable outcome is possible” is put to the test only by those that give up everything to focus on doing the impossible.

  4. whenever I hear statements like “if he can be a millionair, so can you” or “you can become anything you want” I always get a little itchy.

    Not everybody has the (mental) capability to achieve certain goals. Not only do you need intelligence, dedication (your right on that one) and vision, you also need a lot (!) of skills to create the right circumstances to traverse the path to your goal.

    And.. if everybody could become a millionair, a hamburger would cost $20.000

  5. I spent two years making games and not much moeny but didn’t quite and have landed a “dream” job now.

  6. Agreed with this post for the most part, I think it is the “never quit” part that is the hardest to overcome.

    A lot of game creators often get burned out after a few months on the project, even if it is something that they love. The project often ends up much bigger than expected and it gets thrown on the backburner. Creating a game from scratch can certainly be time consuming, it will likely take at least a year to if you consider all the time to get it polished.

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