Wii Will Win

Last Friday I tested first time playing with Nintendo Wii. I thought the device is simply awesome, and my hunch tells me that it will sell a LOT (not just in the past and now, but also in the future). Interestingly, the I saw PCWorld reporting about the Nintendo Wii sales.

Nintendo Wii outsold competitors (although Nintendo’s DS Lite was bestselling): 366,000 Wii units sold in April. PS2 sold 194,000 systems (280,000 in March). The Xbox 360 sold 174,000 units, in comparison to March’s totals of 199,000. PS3 only sold 82,000 last month, a 37 percent drop from 130,000 units sold in March.

These figures are telling tough message for Microsoft and Sony: Nintendo is climbing to the top. I’m not an economist, but I would predict some things to happen (notice: most likely I’m completely wrong, but it’s nice to check later what really happened)

  • Nintedo stocks will get high (I’m not a financial expert either, so don’t take my word for this, but I bet buying their stocks now and selling after one year will make some people rich)
  • PlayStation 3 price will drop (To gain more market share, Sony might consider dropping the price, although I don’t know how much they will rely on PS2. This is all speculations, although it’s one of the basic marketing concepts to drop prices to gain market share. And Sony has to do something to attract developers and gamers.)
  • Microsoft and Xbox might wait what happens when their hit game Halo 3 comes out, and it probably will increase also the console sales as well. We’ll see.

I’ve written in my promise list to check out these by the end of the year. We’ll see how it went. And again: I don’t really have a clue what will happen (nobody can predict the future 100% anyway), so don’t blame me if you go buying stocks and it fails: I won’t take any responsibility regarding where you spend your money.

Anyway, it was great to test Wii. I believe if things go well, it might provide opportunities for indies to develop games. The Wii relies on fun concept in controls and fun gameplay, rather than fancy graphics. Nintedo has taken a wise move by creating an unique console that really provides a different gaming experience compared to Xbox or Playstation. It’s playing in a different league – and taking market share away from Microsoft and Sony.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. jusso: it’s waking up – although I bet Wii will be one of the winners also in the long-run. It has not won yet!

    dont get me wrong I think the wii could be the ‘winner’ of this gen, you’ve only got to look at how much it is dominating japan right now to understand it has pretty good odds. I’m just miffed I’ve not turned the thing on for a month.

    what does your hunch think the chances are for this new band I heard about, the Beatles? :)

  2. papamook: it’s waking up – although I bet Wii will be one of the winners also in the long-run. It has not won yet!

    it’s true that Wii doesn’t have much games (like many of you, Joonas, Nate and others mentioned) compared to other consoles, and if you look at their release list, you can tell it’s pretty short!

    July 30 Mario Strikers Charged Nintendo
    Aug. 20 Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Nintendo
    September Battalion Wars 2 Nintendo
    Aug. 14 High School Musical: Sing It! Disney Interactive Studios
    Aug. 14 Madden NFL ’08 EA
    August Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 EA
    August Space Station Tycoon Namco Bandai
    August Brunswick Pro Bowling Crave
    August Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Crave
    August Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection Crave
    September Brothers in Arms Ubisoft
    September Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Warner Bros.
    September George of the Jungle Crave
    Fall Boogie EA

    I strongly believe that if Nintendo would consider opening the development, the sustained growth could be achieved.

    Russ pointed out that hardcore gamer market is tough to compete, but I have the image (and after listening to maybe about 4 people, so my market research might need some re-work :) that people love the new way of controlling the game. It’s not just new fancy graphics… it’s something different. How long that difference will keep boosting the sales, but as you look at the PS3 sales for example (82,000 april, 199,000 in march)… they are telling rough message! I don’t know what those hardcore gamers are waiting, but from these numbers it looks like PS3 games won’t help much.

    We’ll see.

  3. The Wii hardware is selling very fast and I agree – Wii Sports is a lot of fun. The things is, there is nothing else on the platform. If you’re not into Zelda, there just isn’t anything worthwhile to buy. Nintendo keeps telling us that it won’t go like it did with the Gamecube – but it sure looks like that, except the Wii isn’t even getting the crossplatform releases.

  4. I’m not as confident as you. Sales have been very strong and probably will be in the near future. But sustained growth is going to be tough.

    The Xbox 360, my personal pick in the long run, and the PS3 will be better at meeting the hardcore gamer market with exceptional titles, XBLA/PSN capabilities and online gaming. The Nintendo Wii is said to try to be winning hardcore fans but attracting casual gamers as well. The casual games market is thriving, but mostly on hardware that casual gamers already own: like a computer or a cell phone. It will be a hard sell to get people to continue to purchase a $250 piece of equipment to play casual style games and that’s it. (For a far better success story, one can look to the DS.)

    This leads me to another problem I see with the Wii: game line-up. Working at a third party publisher who fully intends to support the Wii, we still see it as a second tier platform. Triple A titles are going to the 360/PS3 while the Wii will get ports with tacked on Wii Remote functionality. Lackluster but strong support from third parties is going to be detrimental in the long run. Nintendo is the only company who seems to fully see the potential in their own hardware. And with a release schedule of only three or four high profile titles a year, the road ahead looks far less bright.

  5. Oddly enough, the game we play most on our Wii is Super Smash Brothers Melee — and that’s a Game Cube Game. Papamook is right. The Wii is great — I love virtual console games — but there needs to be a few new innovative games.

  6. We’ve had out wii since December and we played on it a lot. It really made the holidays memorable and we had good times taking it to the grandparents places too. It’s a good machine for a group to get into.

    You can probably tell there is a ‘but’ coming up. I love it, but, I think it was a fleeting joy. No new games have captured the revolution feeling since wiisports and wario and that to me is quite sad. How long will it be before the next revolutionary game comes along?

    btw: your hunch needs to wake up, the wii has been the top seller for a long time now. (bar the ds)

  7. I doubt Sony will lower its price any more since it’s already losing money on every sale…

    And I think the PS3 is the cheapest Blu-Ray player(or it was), so if they lowered the price, more people would buy it for something other than the games(I think Sony tried to make it like a PC with word processors and keyboards and everything) and they’d lose more money.

    Microsoft is also losing money on the 360 sales and Nintendo is breaking even so game sales matter more(although the number of consoles sold would influence game sales).

  8. I think a 4th thing might happen – Sony and Microsoft might try to invent some “different” controller as well ;9

  9. To me the Xbox 360 is the King!

    Wii is nice, but having games like Gears of War, great car games, Guitar Hero II (I know it’s on PS2) and upcomming games like Mass Effect is just great. A huge collection of good casual Live Arcade games is also excellent.

    But ok, yes… the Wii is outselling everything right now.

  10. I hear ya. I love my Wii. I don’t own a 360 or a PS3. But I camped out for 4 hours for my Wii.

    But in the end it’s all about the games, not the consoles themselves. Don’t forget why we buy consoles.

    None of these consoles have yet to deliver the jaw-dropping experience that older platforms did (GTA, Super Mario 64, doom, etc). But when they do, it’s game-over. I think the Wii can do that, but so can the 360 and the PS3.

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