It’s Easy to Be Calm When Things Are All Okay…

It’s easy to stay calm and relaxed when things are going fine, but when things start getting messy it becomes bit more difficult to think positive.

I had one of those incidents today.

I was driving our car in the city this morning and was about to park the car. Suddenly, the transmission decided to make parking hard: the reverse gear did not work. Then the first gear did not work. Then the rest of the gears didn’t seem to work. Finally, only the 3rd gear worked. Suddenly, it became quite interesting to drive in a city with only 3rd gear to use.

I knew it would be like less than a mile to the place where I could get the car repair, so I decided to try going there. I used some shortcuts, prayed for green lights and went on…

…and I finally got there (after hoping for one woman to go fast right in front of my car, hoping that the city bus would not come true and really hoping that the red lights would switch fast)

What was interesting though, I did thought about some positive things but when I was staring at the red lights and trying to get the car going using just 3rd gear, I had some “what if the car breaks” kind of thoughts.

After I got to the station, I was glad and found several good things about this incident:

  • First of all, it was good that the car transmission broke now – and not on the summer when we might have been traveling somewhere around the country. Now the station was very near, so in this sense it was good.
  • Secondly, the car broke now and not some weeks in the future when we are moving to a new location.
  • Thirdly, I managed to get the car to the station without need to order a tow truck to pull my car to the station – and saved some bucks.

While there was light in the end of the tunnel, I must admit it wasn’t easy to think only positive in this incident. It’s easy to say others not to worry or “worrying doesn’t help anything” (like I use to do) – but it’s not always easy to follow that same piece of advice when things aren’t going well.

Juuso Hietalahti

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