Looking For a Top-Notch Music Composer for Your Game?

I promised in the past that I would introduce our Edoiki game team in greater detail. The rest of the team members will be presented in the future. Now, first I’m going to introduce you the guy who is doing all the sounds and music for the game: Jean-Marc Lederman.

If you need to get high-quality music and sounds (with a decent price) then contact Jean-Marc
Jean-Marc said to me that he is open for job opportunities, and I can personally recommend him: he has done a great job in the Edoiki game and he is a real professional to work with. He has written music for several best-selling titles such as Titanic Hidden Expedition, Atlantis Sky Patrol and Mystic Inn. (Work samples and testimonials are available at his website).

His past experience and work samples will tell a lot about the quality, but I would like to give some points I noticed working with him in the Edoiki project:

  • He is a professional: he behaves and talks like one – and the quality is what you can expect from a pro.
  • He thinks first, speaks later – doesn’t rush into things.
  • He has a sense of humor (I always remember his introduction, when he said: “I’m Jean-Marc and you can call me Jean-Marc” :)
  • He can accomplish things extremely fast. I’m quite used for delays in game production and was very amazed to see him putting together example quality background music in just 15 minutes!
  • Flexibility: We made a fair deal right in the beginning, and he showed flexibility from his part.
  • Creativity: He came up with creative ideas regarding the music, and I was pleased with the results.
  • Network: I told him that I was wondering if we could get Chinese or Japanese speech in the game – and he simply replied that he had contacts with whom he could do that. We haven’t put any voice acting in the game yet, but it was nice to find out that he knows people who can help us.

Jean-Marc looks for the following opportunity:

  • Any audio work for games that are okay
  • No mods
  • No “neat neat neat” (games with lots of “fuzzy animals” etc.)
  • Casual games are good (especially if original)
  • Most interested in doing AAA
  • Just ask him

If you happen to work in an AAA company or in a game studio that needs quality music with a decent price, then feel free to contact Jean-Marc.

Juuso Hietalahti


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