Prepare for Storm and Thunder

Summer is slowly but unsteadily arriving to Finland, and the first Summer storms, thunder and lightning are right behind the corner. I have acknowledged that I should prepare for power outages and finally get a proper UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device.

I’m not a technical expert, but I can give a really short introduction to what UPS devices are. UPS are basically devices that are intended to supply power even when rest of the house electricity cuts. UPS might also protect computers from over-voltage or electric spikes.

Why UPS devices are important:

  • What if there’s a sudden over-voltage that damages burns your computer hard-drive? With a proper UPS you could be safe.
  • What if the electricity gets cut off in a middle of something important – and the work vanishes because of the power failure. With UPS you should be safe.

Basically: UPS can help you keep your computer safe and let you continue working even in case of a power interruption.

I haven’t purchased my own UPS device yet, but I have one pretty good guideline that buyers could perhaps remember: don’t buy a cheap UPS. I’ve heard horror stories from people buying cheap devices that actually couldn’t handle power failures. I would recommend googling for reviews or asking around friends in case they’ve got experience on UPS – in case you are going to get one.

Naturally, if you already own an UPS I’d be glad to hear your comments, experiences and recommendations for buying. Feel free to tell us if you have an UPS device, and if you’d recommend it.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m not getting UPS any time soon but I do have surge protectors. At least things don’t get fried, sudden shutdown is a problem thou.

  2. JC:
    Is battery of your laptop Li-Ion or NiMH?

    I have no laptop. Just, my friends tell me that story (or fact). But for sure there should be a safeguard circuit. I don’t know much about it.

  3. Serkan:

    I’ve done the same for about a year and a half now and battery life hasn’t changed that much, about half an hour maximum.

    Though it supposedly has some kind of safeguard, so it isn’t loaded when it’s fully charged already. I’d take a look at the manual, if I were you.

  4. Serkan, it is completely true.

    My laptop is old but the battery use to work for 2 hours.
    Now it is about 20 minutes.


  5. Juuso:

    That’s exactly what I need to hear. In this case, it is inconvenient to use laptop battery as UPS, right?

  6. Serkan: If the laptop is “charging batteries” all the time, then it will decrease the life of its battery. Best thing to do is to plug it off… and charge only when needed. (This is my experience from the past)

  7. Moi!

    As a UPS owner of I can make remarks:
    – In Turkey sometimes voltage is fluctuating so that it either over or under voltage. In both case my UPS which is around 50$ proved to work perfect.

    – Generally 5 minutes of power is enough to save you works and to shutdown PC. You should be careful about capacity (500VA, 625VA, …)
    You can calculate how many minutes a UPS can maintain power of your system in case of interruption.

    – If power outages of your elecrticity network is short enough, probably you won’t need to shutdown the PC, as this is the case for me usually.

    Some people say that if you use your laptop as a desktop, it will decrease the life of its battery in time (even it is Li-Ion). Is it true or just a myth?

  8. Hi,

    I have a laptop but I am using it as a desktop. It does handle power failure perfectly ;-)


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