I Know The Secret of Success

Jake introduced me The Secret movie (that comes with English subtitles, but not Finnish – at least for now). The product is all about the secret that all the famous and successful people in the world have used to reach their success – either consciously or unconsciously.

I had read about The Secret, and after reading book reviews and comments in the net (and after seeing some marketing material) I saw some very rough statements. Some people were praising it while some others were disgusted. I became very skeptic and thought that it would be pure “new age” stuff. I was very close to drop the item totally from my list (although I was still thinking whether to get it or not), when suddenly Jake approached me and suggested a deal that he would give me the DVD free, and in exchange I would write about the DVD if I liked it. I told Jake that I suppose that’s fine, although I replied that I would give my honest opinion about the product – whether it was bad or good. And no, I’m not getting any pennies from sales or from writing this post after getting the DVD.

I watched the movie, and turned out that I enjoyed watching it. There were some “new agey” stuff and some “facts” were perhaps bit misleading, but the whole idea of The Secret is something I’ve heard in many other places and something that successful people have used. I believe I’ve unconsciously used The Secret to grow my website and business. Napoleon Hill (in his book Think and Grow Rich) talks about exactly the same things, although he is not taking so “spiritual” approach, like they perhaps do in the movie. While some of the stories and ideas presented might seem too “spiritual” or “religious”, I’ve always believed that the outcome is what matters. It’s like driving your car: who cares if it’s spiritual forces or the fuel that gets the car going, as long as you reach your destination. Any help that can make you reach your destination is appreciated.

I think that for many realistic people, The Secret might look like “trashy new agey crap they sell to poor individuals who believe in wishy-washy things”.

Might be. But I also think that realistic people might keep doing the same thing they’ve done forever. Realistic people didn’t get us to the moon – it was those guys who went there even when everybody else was saying “it’s impossible”. Realistic people will be first to tell you that you cannot make a living as an indie. There’s lots of things “realistic” people “know” that “cannot be done”. And I suppose that’s true for them, the rest of us will go to another direction. For those others who want inspiration, motivation and help to become more successful (in the gaming business or other areas of life), I recommend buying the DVD and watching it with an open mind.

For those who are skeptical, I recommend buying the DVD anyway – because Jake is a nice guy and if you buy the DVD from him, you are also supporting an indie game developer. Besides: The Secret is one of the best selling products in the world, and by simply looking what they’ve done you can learn a lot about marketing. They are cross-selling, they are promoting, they are using curiosity to drive sales, they are using affiliates, they are using testimonials, true stories and much more. The Secret in itself is a great lesson from marketing, if you want to look it from that perspective.

If you got interested: Buy The Secret from here.

I watched it and I liked it.

How to Stop Getting Sidetracked

How easily can you get sidetracked? I’ve noticed that even when I’m doing a good progress, I might “just check the email” or “just quickly check out some forum”. Checking email can be done with just mouse click, so it’s fast and easy way to get sidetracked (and for the record: as I was typing this text, I almost checked the email! Now I’ll continue).

It’s easy to get sidetracked:

  • Besides emails and forums, other websites and blogs can get you sidetracked.
  • Your co-workers are good at getting you sidetracked.
  • Phone might ring, and get your attention.
  • Instant messaging is nice way to get lose concentration.
  • New ideas might get you sidetracked.

And million other things.

Luckily there are solutions to these problems. I’ve mentioned it earlier that you don’t need to be motivated to work, you need work to be motivated. Some of these distractions (such as checking email, forums, blogs or other websites) are getting you sidetracked simply because they are more fun than what you really need to do. Avoiding that trap can be sometimes really difficult, but the 1-hour solution is a pretty good weapon: it simply says that you would need to keep working for one hour no matter what. Make checking email your reward: after you’ve worked one hour uninterrupted, you may check your email. Training the fine art of delayed gratification is crucial here.

I’ve also realized that finishing what I’ve started has a great impact. If you have several tasks and think that you might lose concentration, then simply focusing on finishing the one task that’s important right now. After you’ve finished the task, you will feel great and be able to continue with some other tasks.

Your own mind might get you distracted: you might get new ideas or remember some things and want to deal with them. They can get you sidetracked easily. The solution is to write down your ideas or simply ignore them for now.

Create an environment where you simply cannot get sidetracked
Phones and instant messaging might get your attention, but here the solution is simple: turn them off. Forward your phone calls if needed. Create an environment where you simply cannot be bothered. If your co-workers bother you – get a blood hound or something and make it really clear that you cannot be bothered right now. Tell them friendly that you’ll deal with them later.

Clear your inner space (mind, focus and so on) and outer space (environment, tools etc.) and you’ll increase the chances for working uninterrupted.

I’ve Been Robbed

It has been going on for several months – or even more now. These darn people have been robbing from my bank account. And they did it so well that I almost didn’t notice it.

The problem is… that it continues. And, the robbers are sneaky. They rob legally.

The US dollar course is getting weaker and weaker… and Euro is getting stronger. I just moved $500 from my PayPal account. I have been thinking about this for some time already, but now I decided to mention this in the blog. I can see that $500 is about 360 euros today, but some months (okay – might be 6 months or one year) it would have been 400 euros. Roughly 10% vanished somewhere.

I recall seeing somebody else mentioning how their £12 game now costs only £10 or something (as they sell using USD). The world is making games cheaper, and seems to continue doing that.

The good news is that you can play that game as well. Now is the absolutely best time to buy something in US dollars (if you live outside the United Stated), since the currency is favoring those who normally buy using other currencies like pounds or euros.

Sellers are losing, and buyers are winning.

And that’s not a good news to those in the side of selling.

Indies Are Making Great Games

I’m just going through all the games submitted to the “convince me to buy your game” contest, and to be honest… it’s difficult to choose!

I initially thought about buying maybe a couple of the finest games, but there are so fine games that it’s extremely hard to choose from. I will need some time to go through all the suggested games. From indie scene aspect I think that’s good. It’s good to see there’s lots of talent and lots of great indie games to choose from. I really recommend all you readers to click here and check the games that were mentioned in the comments. There are lots of great games there and some very persuasive attempts to convince me (one of my favourites was told by John Hattan“[you should buy my game…] Oh, and also because I have a cool blog. And I personally know David Michael. And I’ll give you a pony.” :)

I will be making my decision in the following days, and probably end up buying 3 games. I will list all of them in the upcoming blog post and officially end the contest.

It won’t be easy to decide, but it’s great to see that indies are making great games and giving plenty of good options to choose from.