How to Create Your First Game If You Are an Artist

Some days ago I wrote a post about How to create your first game, and continued by presenting additional recommended resources.

One of you readers – Swirley – asked what to do if you cannot code:

thank’s for the help but in more of a art person and i dont know any1 who knows how 2 code or anything im just starting from skrach.

Well, I believe there’s some routes you can take. First, you could simply hire somebody to code for you. The second option would be to partnership somebody who can code. Third option could be “learn to code”, although I personally don’t think it’s a good option to do everything by yourself. I’d recommend finding some reliable long-term business partner with whom you could make the games you want.

Okay, those choices was pretty obvious – and won’t help much if you don’t know where to find programmers. Art people probably know lots of art forums, and spend their time asking programmers in those graphics forums. A better option is to go there where the programmers hang out.

Here’s three places where you can find programmers

  • Indiegamer – lots of casual game makers and programmers. Just go there and tell people that you are an “art dude looking to partner with a coder” and you’ll get plenty of responses.
  • GameDev – Another place filled with coders. Just go there and tell you’d like to get into making games. I’m sure you’ll find people to help you out.
  • Rent a Coder – If you already have a clear idea and need to hire somebody, you might consider throwing a project proposal to this site. There’s plenty of takers out there.

Naturally I recommend to check out people’s background and past projects before getting into bigger partnership with them. That will save everybody’s time and effort.

Remember to do a proper proposal
I wrote in the past on How to find an artist for your game project. While that post was meant for programmers, it still contains useful information for those who want to find programmers for their projects.

I believe there’s couple of essential you need to do:

  • An (online) portfolio: Make sure you have a some kind of portfolio that you can show to people. It doesn’t matter to make a fancy looking website. What’s important is that you need to put your fancy looking work online so people can easily check what kind of artist you are.
  • Past experience: If you have made games (or some related projects) before, it would be good to mention those projects and tell how you contributed to them.

Start spending time on where programmers are. I’m sure you’ll find somebody to help you out.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Most programmers out there are just n00bs with no actual knowledge or experience. I think it’s harder to find a good programmer today than a good artist. I guess I need to define a good programmer in order to avoid flame war – a person who fully understands how things work, not just “an engine” user. This brings numerous other problems to the industry, the major one being over time due to unfinished or badly done work that was assigned to n00bs. Eventually this drives programmers out of game industry to other industries that pay better and have much less work related stress.
    Artists generally have an “I don’t care, it’s programmers job to make it work” attitude. That being said I can give an advice to all artists out there – learn some programming and try to understand how graphics cards work.

  2. I am a Artist running my own company. I like good coders and to pay them. However they have to code :).

    Developing my Developers zone with free art packs. About 1 month before the first kit hits. The kit will be for designers and will allow a person to take a game right up to the production stage. Code,Final art and Final music will be required.


    My art collection


    My wife is also a artist as well.

  3. I really think that the real problem is to find artists! Artists (and good ones) are rare today. On the other hand we have a plethora of programmers. It may was hard to find programmers that could program games some years ago, but now with all the game engines and tools out there anyone can program a game. Its not “black art” anymore. The hard part is to find the talent in artwork creation.

    So if you are an artist, fear not!

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